5 minutes with the chief healthcare officer of Emis Group

Shaun O'Hanlon

Shaun determined he needed to be a doctor soon after suffering from from a critical kidney issue as a kid. Photograph: Shaun O’Hanlon

Describe your function in a single sentence: To guarantee that we continue to develop integrated healthcare IT that delivers actual advantage to patients and connects clinicians across the entire healthcare economic climate – not just elements of it.

Why did you want to function in healthcare? I had a severe kidney problem – Henoch-Schönlein purpura – as a four-yr-old and vowed then to grow to be a doctor to assist enhance people’s lives. I suspect my single mindedness irritated the careers employees at school as I refused to think about any other options.

How do you want to see the sector change in the up coming five many years? I want to see far more efficient, joined up, patient-centred healthcare. I want to see patients asked a query only as soon as as they travel across healthcare settings and their clinicians realizing their background and why they are seeing them. I want to see fewer errors and much better, safer clinical care. I want to see the patient currently being witnessed as a accurate spouse in their care. All are achievable by way of better use of healthcare IT that connects clinicians, assists them to share data, and transforms patient experience.

My proudest achievement at perform was … operating with a extremely dedicated group to create and then launch Emis Net. It is now the most broadly utilised GP system in the Uk and is extending into local community, mental well being and kid healthcare. Over 4 million consultations are now recorded on EMIS Web every single week.

The greatest challenge facing the NHS is … the little one boom generation, advancing healthcare engineering, large expectations, short-term political goals and management overload. The largest challenge is the gulf between the overall funding and individuals’ expectation of the support.

The men and women I work with are … committed, talented, entertaining and passionate about strengthening patients’ lives. We recently acquired Ascribe to lengthen into acute care and I discovered the identical ethos in their folks. It’s all about the folks – and I firmly believe that you can do anything with the correct group.

I do what I do simply because … I want to make people’s lives greater and longer through enabling enhanced clinical care. I am also passionate about patient empowerment Emis Group established patient.co.uk much more than ten years in the past and it is now visited by some eleven million people a month who go there not only to see trusted health care details but also to partake in life-style programmes and accessibility their GP record by means of Patient Accessibility.

Occasionally men and women believe that I am … somewhat picky about detail, but this is component of the secret mix that differentiates Emis Group from the rest of the marketplace. With Emis Net, the way the screens are laid out, the ease of executing typical functions, and the total appear and come to feel are underpinned by clinical relevance and an absolute emphasis on clinical security and information security. It is a big responsibility supporting our difficult-working front-line clinicians and one we get really critically.

Appropriate now I want to … engage more with patients, empowering them to turn out to be partners in their care. With partnership comes rewards and accountability and that could underpin the remedy to a lot of of the problems dealing with the NHS. I see IT as getting crucial to enabling and maintaining that partnership.

At work I am always learning … how important it is to remember the place we are going. Possessing a strategy is essential to delivering our goals. We get plenty of distractions and some are well worth pursuing, but you usually need to step back and ensure that the all round direction is right and strategic aims are becoming met.

The one point often on my mind at work is … taking accountability. Our major care techniques alone are accountable for supporting the healthcare of much more than 39 million citizens in the Uk. It truly is a challenge we relish and never get for granted. We have a powerful target on clinical security, details governance, method stability and information security which is important provided this obligation.

If I could go back ten many years and meet my former self, I’d tell him … about the explosion that was set to come about in mobile technological innovation through smartphones and tablets. Mobile technologies and the ethos of usability is revolutionising healthcare IT and the way secure healthcare can be delivered, both in the neighborhood and more and more in hospitals.

If I could meet my long term self I would assume him to be … older and wiser but even now passionate about bettering clinical care through the use of IT. I’d anticipate him to have many examples of how personal and population wellness has been enhanced by way of the use of the IT platforms we have developed and implemented. I’d also assume him to be displaying me how engineering has empowered sufferers to get ownership of their well being and wellbeing.

What is the very best part of your task? It’s absolutely hearing from consumers who have utilized our methods to boost the care that they supply. For illustration, the Sheffield University Wellness Support utilizes Patient Accessibility to pre-register about five,000 students and recognize individuals who might want additional healthcare help all through their time at university. Final year, 59% of college students joining were identified as candidates for added help, ranging from those who had psychological or bodily overall health conditions, to people who might advantage from well being intervention exercise like smoking cessation or fat-reduction advice.

What is the worst portion of your occupation? Apart from currently being away from my household for 3 or four days a week, the most difficult factor is prioritising the tasks on our roadmap understanding that all can provide direct patient advantage but accepting that to do it properly, we can only do a finite quantity at any one time.

What tends to make you smile? Blackadder.

What keeps you awake at night? Many folks lie in bed and question their all round strategy and no matter whether or not it is correct I have in no way carried out this as I actually think in the path we are heading. I am typically exhausted so am out like a light but when I do not sleep I am more concerned about day-to-day family members issues.

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