5 Top Brings about Of Auto Accidents To Stay away from

by Long Island Lawyer Paul A. Lauto, Esq.

Several of us know the most frequent triggers of automobile accidents, but far far more of us do not safeguard against them on a day-to-day basis.  In order to avoid these typical triggers or blunders, we need to have heighten our awareness of them.   A single of the best methods to heighten our awareness of them, is through practice and evaluation.  With that in thoughts, allow us examine five of the prime triggers of vehicle accidents.

1. Driver Fatigue: We typically reside our quickly paced lives with our own bodies operating on empty.  Sleep deprivation is the root cause of numerous problems like diminished function productivity, bad wellness and car accidents, to title a handful of.  All as well frequently, especially on prolonged journeys, we refuse to acknowledge just how exhausted we are when driving.  A common blunder is believing that you can drive a “little longer” just before needing to stop.  To avoid this pitfall, relinquish the driving to a licensed passenger at the first indicator of fatigue and if you are alone, cease and rest just before continuing on.

2. Weather:  Inclement climate is another prime result in of auto accidents.  Poor visibility coupled with moist and/or frozen street surfaces is a deadly blend. Reportedly, roughly eleven% of car accident fatalities are attributable to bad climate.  The very best way to avoid this statistic, is to remain house and not drive at all when the weather is bad.  If you should drive for the duration of negative weather, then do so with caution.

three. Driver Inattention:  When it comes to driving, maybe it is best to heed the motherly command to “pay interest.”  All to often drivers are distracted by talking on the cell mobile phone, texting, making music selections, conversations with passengers, consuming, smoking and more.  I when even witnessed a guy consuming a plate of spaghetti with a fork, while driving on the Grand Central Parkway!  Unfortunately, driver inattention is no joke and causes around 16% of automobile accident fatalities.  The greatest advice here, is to listen to your mother and focus.

four. Speeding/Aggressive Conduct:  We have pace limits for great reason, however all as well usually we disregard them in favor of our impatience.  Tailgating, unsafe lane modifications, extreme use of the horn and other aggressive conduct usually go hand in hand with speeding.  The unfortunate result is approximately 31% of car accident fatalities.  It is strongly recommended to obey the velocity limit, stay away from driving whilst angry and to remain out of the way of these exhibiting aggressive behavior behind the wheel.

5. Alcohol/Medication:  It need to come as no shock that alcohol and drug influence is 1 of the best triggers of auto accidents, accounting for approximately 1 third of all motor automobile fatalities.  If you are below the influence of medication  (prescription or otherwise) or alcohol and make the mistake of driving, you could not only end up in jail but might finish up not residing to see yet another day.  The maxim “Don’t Drink and Drive” nevertheless rings real and applies equally to drugs.

Whilst this article does not promulgate any new revelations when it comes to widespread leads to of vehicle accidents, it hopefully will serve as an essential reminder that will heighten our awareness.  Please drive securely and keep away from turning into yet another statistic.

Extended Island Lawyer
Paul A. Lauto, Esq.

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