60+ Firms have Policies to Get rid of Pig Gestation Crates: Discover Out Which Ones

Gestation crates confine pregnant sows to cages tiny ample that they can not flip around in. The move to end gestation crates will call for a significant overhaul of the pork industry.  Thanks to readers requests on my earlier weblog on this issue, I have received a response today from each the Humane Society and Dominos representatives to get the update on regardless of whether or not Dominos has any plans on refusing to allow gestation crates for their pork products (you know the source for your sausage and pepperoni toppings), here’s a fantastic resource identifying which businesses have committed to moving away from this practice.  See the emails I acquired under this important listing to judge for oneself.

Total Report can be discovered at http://cratefreefuture.com (you can also read exclusively what the firms policy is and when they program to phase out the gestation crates for pigs) 

Foods Company Policies on Gestation Crates

Below is a listing of the 60+ key food organizations with policies to eliminate gestation crates. (See complete report at link above)



Burger King



Dunkin’ Brand names

Sonic Drive-in


Common Mills


TGI Friday’s


DineEquity (IHOP &amp Applebee’s)


Campbell Soup

Atlantic Premium



Bon Appétit

Williams Sausage

Smithfield (world’s biggest pork producer)

Kraft Meals (Oscar Mayer)


Harris Teeter

Cracker Barrel

Compass Group


Noah Restaurant Group


Hormel Food items (top pork producer)

Target Corp.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Believe in House

Maple Leaf (top Canadian pork producer)

Jack in the Box/Qdoba

Brinker (Chili’s, Romano’s, Maggiano’s)

Total Meals

Kroger ConAgra Meals




Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s

Hillshire Brand names (Jimmy Dean, Ballpark)

Bruegger’s Bagels

Common Mills


The Cheesecake Factory

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Baja Fresh


Wolfgang Puck

Tim Hortons

Bob Evans Farms

Olymel (best Canadian pork producer)

Metz Culinary

Tyson Meals

Johnsonville Sausage

The Retail Council of Canada (Walmart, Safeway, Loblaw, Metro, Costco, Metro &amp the other largest Canadian merchants)

Au Bon Discomfort


Clearly I’m not endorsing nor recommending any of the organizations on this checklist. I’m merely stating that they at least have had the decency to pay attention to public viewpoint about the cruelty to animals and are inclined to eliminate this practice from their suppliers/producers.

Quickly Meals Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

Electronic mail Responses for an Update on this circumstance obtained three/24/2014:

Hi, Sammy.

Thank you for contacting us. As part of our ongoing commitment to supply our consumers with only best-quality items, we at Domino’s Pizza work diligently with our globe renowned suppliers to make certain they meet or exceed the company’s rigorous requirements with respect to food quality and safety.

We are currently operating this by means of with our suppliers, each and every of whom purchases a percentage of their pork from farmers who do not use gestation crates. Through our suppliers, we assistance hundreds of individual family members farms across the nation.

We also care about the humane therapy of animals. Domino’s Pizza does not personal, increase, transport or procedure the meats utilised for our items, but our suppliers know of our commitment to the humane remedy of animals and the expectations we have of them. Our suppliers meet or exceed business requirements for the humane treatment and processing of the pork utilised in our items.

Tim McIntyre

Vice President, Communications

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Hi Sammy,

Thanks for contacting us about this!
Right here is the response from my colleague Josh B. in our Farm Animal Safety division:

“While Dominos has so far been an outlier and remained neutral on the issue, much more than 60 main meals businesses – including Domino’s competitors like Papa John’s – have pledged to boost animal welfare in their supply chains by getting rid of gestation crate confinement. The checklist contains McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Costco, Safeway, Oscar Mayer, and dozens far more.

You can see what these organizations have to say about this situation right here.”

Let me know if you have any even more questions!

Very best,

Anna West
Media Relations Manager
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street NW Washington, DC 20037

 Second Message from Tim McIntyre at Dominos when I asked him to be more direct:

I did response your question. And it is not a basic “yes or no” query, despite what you may possibly think. The issue to far as well complex for an solution so simplistic.

We are operating by way of the situation with our suppliers.

We are not animal professionals. We feel in taking the guidance of folks who are: veterinarians, researchers and the farmers themselves. There is a constrained provide of pork accessible via farms that provide much more open housing. We do get from individuals farms via our suppliers, and consequently have crate-totally free pork in our supply chain, but aren’t going to make any false claims about our provide.

Except if or till the supply of crate-free pork increases drastically, yes, we program to use these suppliers – as will every major restaurant chain and grocery shop in America. We purchase what is obtainable. The only other alternative is to stop offering pork, which most shoppers are against.

In my personal investigation on this subject, I identified this internet website, which tells an additional side of the story, because there always is yet another side: www.porkcares.org

Tim McIntyre
Vice President, Communications


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Ironic Truth: Dominos was the proud Official Pizza Sponsor of GroundHog day on 01/31/14.  Just saying!!

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