‘Ageless’ dementia providers are an insult to the elderly

The notion that everyone can be taken care of the identical is an insult to older people. It is not discriminatory to acknowledge that this group has really certain requirements when it comes to mental health care and needs focused, expert teams. But of course this is not about the care, it is about the money, and it has to be a single of the most shameful expense-cutting exercise routines close to.

Just last week new figures showed that each 12 months, thousands of sufferers with undiagnosed dementia are currently being admitted to hospital as an emergency, frequently following a crisis in their well being. In spite of a national target of at least 90 per cent of suspected cases of dementia getting a referral to a professional, in some components of the nation this is as reduced as 2 per cent. All round, much less than half of instances of dementia in the Uk are formally diagnosed, denying tens of 1000′s of men and women professional input.

What hope is there of strengthening on this figure if the really professional companies that are necessary to undertake this are currently being shut down or downgraded?

To discover how organizations can turn out to be far more dementia-friendly, view the Alzheimer’s Society’s new video at youtube.com/observe?v=Fz8ACEu7Lho

Patients are taken care of like parcels in hospitals’ efficiency drive

The scene is familiar to any individual who has spent even a quick time in hospital. It is late at night. Most of the sufferers on the ward are asleep. In the light from the nursing station, a handful of medical doctors mill about, writing up notes. Then, the cellphone rings. Shortly following, a nurse wakes a single of the individuals. He’s getting moved to one more ward.

Figures last week showed that in 2013 nearly 200,000 hospital individuals had been taken care of like ”parcels’’ and moved for the duration of the evening to totally free up beds. Physicians and patient groups get in touch with the practice ”dehumanising’’ and say it can lead to longer hospital stays, notably for vulnerable sufferers.

Freedom of Info requests have proven that this practice has elevated by 20 per cent in the past 5 many years. The reason is that, in the name of ”efficiency’’, the variety of beds in hospitals is being reduced. In most hospitals in Britain, bed occupancy costs are close to one hundred per cent, as opposed to about 85 per cent in numerous European nations.

When hospitals have to operate a one in/one particular out policy, there are bound to be problems in allocating patients to beds, and so sufferers have to be moved regardless of the hour. This drive in the direction of “efficiency” indicates there is no slack in the method, and that even the slightest improve in admission prices – for example, in the course of a spell of bad climate – sends the hospital into crisis mode.

It has other repercussions, as well: MRSA rates are much more than forty per cent larger in hospitals with 90 per cent bed occupancy than in people with less than 85 per cent.

In the wrong-headed drive to reduce the number of beds obtainable, becoming woken up in the middle of the night becomes the least of a patient’s worries.

Au naturel:Katherine Jenkins

Here’s a selfie I approve of

Last week I wrote about the claim by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons that the rise of the “selfie” – a photograph taken of oneself, typically on a smartphone and then shared on the web – was responsible for youthful folks feeling below ”incessant pressure’’ to be ideal. I’m pleased to report that given that then, an altogether more healthy craze has come to my focus: the “no make-up selfie”.

Hundreds of 1000′s of people have joined a host of celebrities, which includes Kelly Brook, Jodie Kidd and Katherine Jenkins, to post images of themselves au naturel, accompanied by a donation to Cancer Analysis Uk. The venture raised more than £2 million in just 48 hrs.

It is not clear who turned this venture into a viral phenomenon, as it was not the charity itself, though it has expressed thanks to individuals who have received on board. Even though some have criticised this as just yet another kind of narcissism, I feel it’s fantastic – not just in raising money for cancer, but also in exhibiting youngsters what actual ladies seem like when not caked in make-up.

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