Amanda Holden wins victory for grieving mothers

Cathryn explained they opted for the latter but their ordeal was compounded by how they had been then handled by healthcare workers.

“I asked one particular of the nurses what would occur to my little one and she mentioned “it will be incinerated with the rest of the day’s waste’,” she explained.

“That was hard to hear. To me, it wasn’t the day’s waste, it was my baby. It would have been good to have some sort of decision about it, to mark that baby’s daily life but there was practically nothing in the hospital that gave us that possibility.”

Cathryn, who went on to have a healthier son, shared her story with Amanda Holden who presented the investigation’s findings.

The Britain’s Acquired Talent judge has suffered numerous setbacks herself in her quest to be a mom.

She is now the mom of two daughters, Lexi and Holly, with husband Chris. But in 2010 she had a miscarriage and in 2011, she had a stillborn son. Then when she gave birth to her second daughter, she nearly died after her heart stopped beating but was resuscitated by a midwife.

Amanda said she received “incredible” therapy and help from the NHS so she was shocked to hear of the struggling of other dad and mom.

Samantha Allington revealed how she was mistreated when she was rushed hospital in ache when 7 weeks pregnant.

She explained: ‘I had to do urine sample and the little one passed when I went to the toilet. A nurse came and grabbed the pot and ran off with it.

‘I was distressed wondering what she had accomplished with my child. I was then informed it had been incinerated. I felt like my little one had been stolen from me, I had no rights over what happened.’

The tv investigation found that 15,000 foetal stays have been incinerated by 27 NHS trusts in excess of the previous two many years alone, occasionally with the dad and mom unaware their babies are getting disposed of with other healthcare waste this kind of as syringes and swabs.

One hospital, Addenbrooke, in Cambridge is even heated by burning clinical waste such as miscarried infants.

Following the investigation, the Division of Health has issued an instantaneous ban on the practice which Dan Poulter, the well being minister, described as “totally unacceptable”.

Amanda Holden stated: “I was shocked at some of the discoveries I created in the course of filming. The mothers I spoke to mentioned that despite the best intentions of individual nurses and medical professionals, they often felt that hospitals weren’t as compassionate as they need to be in the direction of them.

“I am totally delighted that the government has announced a ban on this practice. The alter in policy signifies an finish to the misery and prolonged anguish of many mothers and fathers across England.”

The Care Quality Commission watchdog has also said it will investigate the programme’s findings.

A total of 1 in 7 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage, even though NHS figures demonstrate there are about 4,000 stillbirths every single 12 months in the United kingdom – or 11 every day.

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