Britain ‘will not act’ on sugar tips

The disclosure is most likely to trigger controversy, due to the fact Professor Ian Macdonald, a nutritionist who has worked for Coca-Cola and Mars, is between 5 of eight members of the panel who have been accused by anti-sugar campaigners of “worryingly close” ties with the fast food and confectionary business.

The nutritionist, who is chairman of the carbohydrate working group at the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is acknowledged to be essential of some of the claims created by anti-sugar campaigners, which he considers “irresponsible” and “ill informed”.

In an interview just before the new WHO guidance was published last week, Macdonald mentioned: “The position, I’ve been informed by the officials, is that actually we would take note of it, but we would not act on it. The government will act on the suggestions that comes from [the Uk expert panel].”

Yesterday Government officials confirmed that their guidance will come from SACN, although they stated the committee was anticipated to very carefully consider the evidence which led WHO to make its suggestions.

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