Cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging to cut smoking

Following a Government U-turn on the notion last yr, Sir Cyril Chantler, a major paediatrician, was asked to make a report on the evidence of whether or not the policy will support drive down smoking charges.

The Government is moving forward with strategies to ban branding on cigarette packs in England, Public Wellness Minister Jane Ellison informed MPs.

Health campaigners are sturdy supporters of plain packaging, believing that anything which could discourage smoking could conserve lives.

But tobacco producers declare that it is basically a stage in direction of banning “legitimate” smoking even though encouraging a black industry.

David Cameron appeared to distance himself from plain packaging in July final 12 months, saying additional proof was needed to show regardless of whether it would be powerful.

But, amid stress from Labour, ministers signalled in November that the policy could however be implemented just before the 2015 election based on the final result of the Chantler evaluation.

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