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Nate Kitch Illustration by Nate Kitch

Overall health warnings on air pollution ought to not be observed as isolated incidents (Editorial, three April). In recent years we have seen charges of main respiratory illnesses increase and in London alone an additional four,000 premature deaths arise every yr as a result of bad air top quality. The European commission not too long ago launched legal action towards the Uk for failing to meet mandatory air pollution targets. If we want to stay away from dramatic government interventions like banning half of all automobiles on the street in major cities – which Paris has enacted – we require to adopt a much a lot more proactive technique. Assisting people to consider simple, practical actions to rethink their travel programs can have a dramatic impact on air pollution.

In partnership with Barts NHS overall health trust, we are functioning to increase neighborhood air good quality, through the growth of cleaner air zones to benefit sufferers and incentives for suppliers and going to autos to switch their engines off and operate cleaner automobiles. These kinds of initiatives are not just essential for the surroundings, they will also assist all of us to reside longer, more healthy lives.
Caroline Watson
Spouse, International Action Plan

• It’s straightforward to perform the blame game when it comes to air pollution, but we are significantly much less adept at coming up with solutions. Air pollution is 1 of the most complicated difficulties we encounter – it isn’t going to respect international or political boundaries. Considerably of it comes from the way we reside our lives, but, above all, it really is normally invisible. So in some techniques we ought to be grateful to the clouds of Saharan dust for reminding us of the value of the air that we breathe, which most of us take for granted. The media coverage provided to the smog is practically unprecedented, but what a tragedy it would be if this dispersed as quickly as the dust stopped falling on our cars. I hope alternatively that it acts as a wake-up phone for us all, specifically our political leaders, and that healthful air is witnessed as vital a human correct as clean consuming water and adequate foods for all.
Ruth Chambers

• The newest pollution crisis delivers a compromise over the global warming debate: get all this kind of measures to minimize COtwo ,N2O emissions that might impact lengthy-phrase global warming as will also decrease quick threats to wellness from pollution. It may possibly be that action on the second will fulfil all the criteria for the first.
DBC Reed

• The reduction in pollution following the 1956 Clean Air Act failed to match the constructive impact resulting from the switch from toxic “town gas” to North Sea Fuel just more than a decade later on, when “at nationwide degree in England and Wales, infant mortality rates fell rapidly from the early 1970s and into the 1980s” (Health Stat Q 2008 Winter(40):18-29). A equivalent reduction in infant death rates following a switch to natural gasoline occurred in Turkey, as reported in January 2013 by Resul Cesur, Erdal Tekin and Aydogan Ulker.

Michael Ryan

• The existing dangers to wellness recognized with the addition of airborne dust to current pollution amounts illustrates only too properly the unforeseen consequences of the interventions produced by London councils to restrict the velocity of autos to below 30mph. Velocity humps, alternating pinch factors, chicanes, further roundabouts and zigzag parking make certain that automobiles have to be driven in decrease gear, with regular stops and begins therefore growing hazardous exhaust. Diesel particulates are especially hazardous and a thirty% increase in diesel autos above current many years has ensured a rise in pollution, even before the addition of cloud dust.

The supposed security recommended by these measures are far more than offset by the improved overall health risks for all the population and especially for younger undeveloped lungs often blasted by exhaust fumes in their outward facing buggies.
Chloe Baveystock

• It really is not just Tories in Westminster who fail to recognize the pollution crisis (Report, 4 April). Right here in Uttlesford our local council is about to approve a improvement strategy that ensures traffic gridlock in our town. Air high quality amounts in Saffron Walden presently breach EU limits. Probably we must all stay indoors for the foreseeable long term?
Richard Gilyead
Saffron Walden, Essex

• Lovely photo of the Angel of the North in the smog (three April). Shame that, as your map shows, we had quite lower ranges of pollution that day. We have had lots of mist – commonly identified up right here as a sea fret.
Sally Watson
Newcastle upon Tyne

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