Coalition faces revolt more than clause 119 hospital closure law: Politics live blog

Some coalition MPs are anticipated to rebel towards the government nowadays when the Commons votes on “clause 119”, a notably contentious proposal in the care bill. My colleague Denis Campbell has previewed the debate in the Guardian nowadays. Here’s the begin of his story.

About twenty MPs from the coalition parties prepare to rebel on Tuesday against government programs that could leave well-run hospitals in danger of becoming closed if neighbouring ones get into trouble.

Paul Burstow, the former Liberal Democrat overall health minister who is spearheading opposition to the move, said that at least twenty MPs from his party and the Conservatives had indicated that they would not back the ideas in a Commons vote both by voting against or abstaining.

He is searching for to amend clause 119 of the care bill, dubbed the “hospital closure clause”, which as it stands would give a “trust particular administrator” appointed to kind out a failing hospital trust the power to buy changes in the makeup of an additional nearby hospital’s services as component of an total resolution, such as downgrading it or even shutting it.

Polly Toynbee’s column on this is an essential read as well. I will be covering the debate in detail.

Here’s the total agenda for the day.

9.30am: Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, gives evidence to the Commons Treasury committee.

9.30am: Greg Barker, the climate adjust minister, and other people give evidence to the Commons energy committee on the intergovernmental panel on climate change’s 5th evaluation assessment.

12.30pm: MPs commence the debate on the care bill.

I strategy to focus nowadays on the care bill debate. But, as normal, I will also be flagging up any breaking political information, posting summaries with a round-up of all the day’s developments, and highlighting the most intriguing political articles or blog posts on the net.

Even so, I won’t be posting yet again till about 10am. I’ve got to be in a meeting, I’m afraid.

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