Comment: Silver splitters are placing important pressure on care method, MP warns

The number of divorces for the more than 60s , the silver splitters as they called, has enhanced by thirty per cent in the final decade and the Office for National Statistics displays the variety of above 75s living alone has elevated by over a fifth since 1996.

We know that extended term situations like dementia and stroke are increasing typically necessitating substantial amounts of care. People expenses will be higher still if couple separation costs are substantial.

The Government has bolstered marriage and relationship assistance and is undertaking a family members stability assessment to see what much more can be completed to reduce household breakdown.

The Division for Training has just undertaken an evaluation of the marriage and connection assistance programmes it has funded which showed returns of £11.50 for every £1 spent on the work of Marriage Care.

As David Cameron mentioned in 2008 , “assisting individuals sustain strong relationships is not some fluffy alternative to minimizing budget deficits – it is the way to minimize budget deficits, by decreasing the demands on the state brought on by family members breakdown”.

He was proper then and he is proper now but the scale of the task is huge and it needs concerted cross government action to aid this country dwell inside its means and to decrease the social and emotional charges of family breakdown.

* Andrew Selous MP chairs the All Get together Parliamentary Group for strengthening couple relationships.

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