Companies braced for dementia care crisis to hit workplace

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, warned last year that Britain is dealing with “substantial economic loss” if organizations do not have a radical rethink of functioning practices.

A poll of 1,000 present or current carers located that far more than half (53 per cent) believed their caring responsibilities had currently had a adverse affect on their operate trough aspects such as tiredness, anxiety or tension and so on. Meanwhile far more than a quarter of people at the moment caring dread that it was probably to influence their capacity to operate in the potential.

Heléna Herklots, chief executive of Carers Uk, stated: “The employers and carers we function with are telling us the identical story as the statistics – that dementia and the effect on personnel of caring is a crucial issue for workforce retention, recruitment and resilience. “Very frequently the require to care for an elderly mother or father comes at peak occupation age.

“Without the appropriate assistance, the challenges of combining this kind of caring with perform (frequently also with other loved ones responsibilities) can speedily grow to be also challenging to deal with. Workers with useful encounter and abilities will then either depart their jobs or struggle to cope in the workplace.

“The experiences from carers and employers captured in this investigation present that the recent support wants of folks caring for loved ones with dementia are not being met, especially by care and support providers.”

She added: “This lack of support is compounded by a perceived stigma about dementia, often reported by carers, which explains why it stays such a hidden concern in so several workplaces.”

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