Consciousness is light and Physique is sound – The Lumen Octave Full Spectrum currently being.

What is the torus- we contact it the LumenOctave?It starts by beginning to appear at your self and your body as a battery. Yes, a battery. Just as a battery has a magnetic field, your entire body has a magnetic field, which I get in touch with your LumenOctave.

There is a magnetic discipline to anything at all that has an electrical charge to it. Similarly, the LumenOctave has an upward moving flow, a downward moving flow, and a spherical flow. For our fields to be completely engaged – upward, downward as nicely as spherically – they have to be activated and totally engaged. Yet for most of us, the total magnetic discipline is not always engaged.

Most of us, when we talk of our spirituality and our consciousness, we tend to target on the upward flow we are actually pushing upwards and striving to reach out to larger dimensions. However that is only 1 partof what is required to engage the magnetic system. The other two parts include the spherical movement, which is every little thing that is taking place correct right here, at the eye degree in your existence and exercising the things that make you a successful human being. Then there is the downward movement, which is about engaging the factors that make you a fantastic physical being and make you a great manifestor in the physical sense.

To have all three of these magnetic components engaged is what I refer to as  full spectrum living, which is actually about becoming capable to activate oneself in all the different dimensions! By means of the LumenOctave, you really activate your magnetic discipline – your torus, as it’s referred to – so that what you generate on the within of you is a effective magnet…. a magnet for your soul’s particularly designed purpose, and whatever is naturally and inherently needed for you to receive the ideal that existence has to offer you!

That may seem like manifesting the place that you need to be in, the task that you require to have, the relationships with the men and women that you need to have close to – all of the options that arise by means of your new magnetic capacities. What you are turning your entire body into is a magnetic system – a totally healthful, completely engaged magnetic field – that can entice to you what is in your highest and very best great, as an alternative of possessing pre-conceived, pre-prescribed and constrained notions of what is very good or appropriate for you.

The LumenOctave activation will take location by means of studying the language of the soul, which is felt in the entire body as sensations. By way of activation, you return to your “natural code” by purging the entire body of deeply held soreness, negative psychological patterns, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy relationships. By activating the LumenOctave, we are connecting with that portion of us that is unique to us and entirely in our highest advantage – and we really do not do this conceptually, we do this through a really effective method that I’m about to share with you.

Remain with me…. I’m going to switch gears now and get a tiny a lot more technical for a second.

Activating the total spectrumIt’s essential to look at your body and your thoughts and your consciousness in the identical way as these three overlapping spectrums. There is a light spectrum to your consciousness – everything that you are mindful of. When you search through your light spectrum, you see colours, you see things happening in this spectrum of light. Your entire body, in it’s reliable state, is vibrating at a certain frequency inside the qualities of sound. So it is fundamentally the consciousness of light merging with the vibrations of your entire body.

The far more you can tap into this light spectrum wholly and totally and perfectly align with this octave of your bodily method, the more choices you have at your disposal. This happens primarily through consciousness coming down and integrating with your glands. The glands have every vibrational tone of your physical body, so they are giving out colors and frequencies, and if you can activate them to their all-natural state, you will be ready to bring your remarkable light likely into the bodily actuality.

So for those of you who are pondering “how do I turn into the wonderful being I know that I am in my meditations, and I really feel that I am in my heart? How do I actually dwell out that energy?”….

The important is in merging with your physical physique, which indicates you’re going to have to upgrade your sensational actuality. These sensations that are coming out from the glands have to be in their normal state and not a programmed state. Simply because most of the glands have been limited or written above, or blocked by foods and GMO’s and bad programming, we have to re-understand the plans that are accurate to our nature so we can return back to what it feels like in our activated state, with our engaged magnetic discipline – LumenOctave. Then we can turn into Totally embodied as intended…. and as a result vibrantly alive.

Moving into the technique….We’ve been talking about consciousness as it relates to the body, because you as a consciousness – as a extremely large becoming – are previously ideal. You are presently wonderful because you have selected to be in the entire body. This is a decision, you chose to come into the physical entire body, and you are picking to apply all of that correct here…. making an attempt to discover how to apply all of the knowledge…. all of the amazingness that you are into the bodily actuality.

What is the ideal way to do it? This is the approach that I’m going to share with you. I’m sure that most of you are going to enjoy this simply because his will revolutionize your life.

Turn the focus of your thoughts onto the sensations of your entire body. Feel what your body feels like. Feel the sensations inside of your physique by dropping into a total sense of the exquisite nature of your bodily physique. By performing so, you will be capable to entry greater intelligences that exist inside the entire of consciousness which is totally at your disposal…. when and only when you employ the sensation of your physique.

The thoughts is kind of like a lens, and no matter what it tasks onto, it commences providing power and energy to. It really commences decoding it, simply because thoughts is an interpretive substance. For example, if you are viewing two folks interact, and you emphasis your lens on people two folks, your mind will immediately start trying to make sense of it all…. like he is saying that, and she is saying that, and you become “involved” in the expertise. It abruptly turns into a element of your actuality. But all the thoughts is performing it is simply interpreting a actuality that is occurring…. interpreting information like a machine. It is a rather properly-oiled machine.

What we are taught to do is to constantly venture that lens of the mind outside of ourselves. And what I am proposing is that the mind, which is the lens by itself, is going to be only as successful as a single organ. If we chose to tune into and knowledge the whole physique and not just the thoughts, we grow to be complete spectrum beings. In other phrases, using the thoughts at its total prospective – which is its interpretive capabilities – you are turning the concentrate of that lens inwards and into what the physical entire body is feeling like. And a total new planet – a previously unknown world of details – is then available to us!

Activating intelligenceInitially, when you turn the target of the lens into the physical entire body, you will produce a simple awareness of those sensations. However as you go deeper into that knowledge, your connection with the sensations becomes more sophisticated, and in flip, the thoughts gets to be much more intelligent at interpreting sensations. You will commence realizing, as I did, that there are different sensations at different organ levels that have certain plans and paradigms connected to it, and if we can reside inside of the harmony of people sensations, we are now not only utilizing the 1-dimensional organ of the mind to interpret and make sense of and navigate the planet close to us, but we are now accessing the full spectrum – we are accessing the info that each gland and organ has come to acquire about our reality.

Our bodies are constantly interpreting every little thing that is taking place around us. Sometimes with our thoughts alone, we might actually “feel” some thing physically and have a sort of “reaction” to it, but we really do not in fact know mentally why we reacted that way.

With the entire body, if we use all of it – if we use the full spectrum – we grow to be infinitely far more intelligent. We have entry to so a lot far more information that the mind may possibly not know what to do with all of it at initial. However, with the fine-tuning of this strategy, and the fine-tuning of this instrument, you will let the most important data to undertaking onto the display of the mind so that you know why you act or react as you do, and then you will have all the information that you require to act and react in the way that leads you to your very best location – a type of “super pathway”. The entire body offers you the ideal navigation device, consisting of the complete spectrum data technique rather than the one-dimensional details technique of the thoughts.

The bliss instinctTo get this technique even more, when you concentrate on your body, you commence realizing that you truly feel really good the thoughts will actually activate sensations. So as you surrender into the physique, and you truly feel how the physique feels, you will boost your sensational feelings in the body, you will improve your sensational expertise, and it is going to intensify your sensations. You will commence to tap into and cultivate your birthright…. the sensation of bliss!

My proposition to you is that this lusciousness, this blissful sensation that is being ignited by simply turning the lens of the thoughts onto the body…. just go with that, commit to that, simply because there is something deeply intelligent about letting the sensations run the present. The sensations are so much more into the complete spectrum tuning of who you genuinely are.

You will know when you are undertaking this approach appropriately when you are in a position to commit to the luscious, the blissful, the love-filled sensations that start making in your physique, and you keep inside of the harmonic flow of those sensations. Then you will be living your life in bliss, you’ll reside your life in lusciousness. Slowly, you will end questioning if this is the superior way. The emotions will guidebook the way and never ever steer you incorrect.

Initially, there could be some concerns, but preserve experimenting with it. Any choice created from a spot of lusciousness and bliss is far superior to a choice manufactured from the mind. It is far far more connected than the projecting, compartmentalized and fragmented way that the thoughts tends to make choices. Deliver your focus back into the physique, truly feel the sensations, permit your self to connect to your lusciousness, feel what feels good to you, and go from there.

Joseph Campbell was quoted as saying “follow your bliss”. Here now, you are being taught how to regularly do just that. You are properly on your way to following your bliss instinct. By engaging your LumenOctave, you will infinitely improve the way you dwell your life in no time!

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