Conservatives must stop attacking Europe or individuals will vote Ukip

He stated: “If you are a single of our colleagues who spends his daily life telling absolutely everyone Europe is terrible and we must depart it, not surprisingly he has a high Ukip vote in his constituency, and half his members consider that is way the Tory party must go.”

He added: “The first lesson is that if you go all around telling absolutely everyone your opponents are correct, do not be surprised when the electorate vote for your opponents.”

He produced his remarks as ministers said the Conservatives would be “foolish” to demand complete treaty change ahead of a referendum on Europe in 2017.

Ken Clarke, the minister without portfolio and former Chancellor, said that a lot more “strident” and “eccentric” backbench Conservative MPs had been drowning out the voices expressing the far more popular professional-European views that the “majority” of the cabinet holds.

Mr Clarke explained that the Conservatives would be “foolish” to push for treaty adjust to get crucial reforms on Europe by way of ahead of any referendum in 2017 if other alternatives had been open to them. Instead, he said, they should “concentrate on the substance of reform” whichever way it was accomplished.

Damian Green, the policing minister, stated that it was “not obvious” that treaty adjust would be necessary to attain several of David Cameron’s planned reforms on Europe.

He additional that it while it is simpler for pro-European Conservatives to “keep your head down” it would indicate “handing democracy” to a lot more vocal individuals who want to pull out of the EU.

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