Cost-free for the taking: How to fashion super healthy, ambrosia fruit salad with banana…the tasty, tropical bliss that is food for longevity.

Dehydrated coconut is ambrosia’s taste of je ne sais quoi…its unique bonne bouche…the magnificent, star of our display. Dried coconut…a wildly common viand in the latter nineteenth century…led to what was then, the easy elegance of ambrosia. With this said… It is an adored dish in Southern cuisine…serving as salad course and fruit dessert. To this day…the modern, gourmet creation is styling and profiling in bowls and parfait glasses from modest residences to exquisite restaurants. There is a plethora of embellishments to its heavenly matched, traditional pairing…succulent orange and luscious coconut…that’s authentic ambrosia! Turning to the adage, “The more…the merrier,” this exemplary variation is certainly worthwhile to prepare…this for banana’s dreamy, creamy texture and commendable nutritiousness.

The Sweet Banana … Its Wellness Positive aspects
one~ gives up a laudable provide of…vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, biotin, magnesium, manganese and vitamin C-
2~ is an ample supply of protein…plus the banana is chock-total of dietary fiber-
3~ homes fructooligosaccharide…a prebiotic and over time, a probiotic…which is a advantageous bacteria in the digestive tract, hence bettering the consumption of minerals by the body…especially bone constructing calcium-
four~ is abundant with a unique cocktail of minerals, carotenoids and antioxidant compounds that significantly improve eye wellness-
five~ is a vasodilator…easing tension of veins and arteries resulting in a freer, much more relaxed blood flow!

Ambrosia Fruit Salad

In The Volume Of
Yield is two satiating servings.

Spot into bowl:

Preferably each pineapple and orange…7 ½ to 10 ounces of every, flesh fat
Or…if need be…go with orange fruit solely-
Orange…supreme citrus, flesh and juice = 15 to 20 ounces

Cut Down To Size
Reduce orange and pineapple flesh into ¼ inch by ¼ inch pieces.

Know Best
For well being, it’s ideal to steer clear of seedless orange and pineapple fruits.

Ahead Of Time
Pineapple flesh freezes beautifully. Chop pineapple…as instructed in this recipe…freeze. This is a good time-saving approach. Then all there is to do…weigh quantity necessary, thaw!

Supreme Authority
Supreming Citrus Fruits

Segmenting citrus…or supreme in culinary vernacular…means to release personal segments (sections) from the membranes of citrus fruit. The membranes hold fruit collectively. Ahead of supreming, zest citrus.

Now, it’s time to supreme:
Slice off top and bottom of citrus.
With a small, sharp knife, reduce away white pith.

By Decision
Achieve this in one particular of two ways:

one} Slice in a circular motion by moving close to globe of citrus.
two} Slice from prime to bottom by following contour of citrus.
At this juncture, perform over a bowl to catch juice. Maintain knife as close to membrane as attainable. Insert knife along one side of membrane, and slice towards the center. 1 side of the section must have separated. Execute same action on other side of membrane until finally segment has fully detached.

Coconut, dried (huge flakes) = two cups
Click right here for this author’s option of organic, premium dehydrated coconut…shreds, flakes and chips.

Get It Together
Mingle orange, pineapple and coconut…allow roughly 5 minutes for them to converge.
+++For the ambrosia-creating purists, culinarily speaking… Minus pineapple and banana…add an extra two cups, coconut plus two to 4 tablespoons, honey! Pick pure honey that hasn’t been processed…heated and/or filtered. Stir with each other honey and orange…then, combine in coconut.

Going Bananas!
Banana, flesh = 20 ounces
Slice banana after vertically…then complete horizontal cuts, about ¼ to ½ inch thick.
With a gentle toss, marry in the banana.

Feelin’ fancy? Magnificent include-ins…chopped strawberries and/or whipped coconut cream!

Bright Thought!
Have natural pineapple, and questioning what to do with the scraps?

For a glorious encounter and entire body cleanser:
Exclude best and leaves of fruit. Mix til super smooth…remainder of scraps = 68 ounces with water, free of impurities = 2 cups.

Wash Up
Slather pineapple cream onto clean and dry, facial and/or physique skin. For 10 to 15 minutes, chillax although this cream’s miracle doing superpower beautifies skin. With great water, rinse away cream.

Until our following culinary adventure… Be in health and have joie de vivre!

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