Daughter claims elderly mom being left to starve

“It happened so abruptly it was nearly like somebody had flicked a switch and she stopped consuming.

“I don’t believe she eats a factor when she’s at property and it really is so upsetting to see my mum waste away.

“I’m watching her starve to death and I can’t do anything to support her.”

Mrs Todd, a grandmother-of-three, has been taken to hospital 5 occasions given that she stopped consuming but doctors say she has no physical sickness.

She refused to celebrate Christmas at her daughter’s home as usual and by February 9 her issue had deteriorated so a lot her daughter was forced to phone ambulance.

She was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital in which she stayed for ten days and underwent a series of tests – with no clear outcomes.

Ms Nelson, a mom-of-two, added: “I believe possibly it truly is some kind of psychological sickness. The doctors have looked at regardless of whether she’s acquired depression or the onset of dementia but then, when they assessed her, they explained she’s fine.

“It cannot be a physical factor because she eats fine when she’s in hospital but she’ll possibly be launched in a handful of days and after she’s residence the cycle begins yet again.

“Because the physicians do not know what’s wrong, they cannot treat her.

“A single doctor in fact explained to me that if she doesn’t want to eat then that is up to her.

Following Mrs Todd’s final hospital visit, a care package deal was implemented but her daughter stated that has not not helped.

She added: “She has carers going in to see her but she is even now refusing to eat and they can not force her.

“It really is not their fault but everyone looks to be passing the buck. The care system is so tough to navigate.

“You will not have to be medically educated to see that there is some thing critically incorrect with my mum.”

Rosehill Surgical procedure in Burnley where Mrs Todd is registered as a patient explained they could not comment due to the fact of patient confidentiality.

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Believe in explained: “When a person is discharged from hospital, the Trust works closely with the individual and family members to guarantee that a ideal package of care is in area.

“The Trust adopts a man or woman-centred care method which supports individuals and assists them to make informed choices and manage their own wellness care.”

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