David Cameron: Blocking blanket NHS pay out rise will assist hospitals

Ministers stated that stated that proposals to give overall health employees a blanket one per cent pay rise, as suggested by an independent shell out overview physique, would price nearly half a billion pounds – equivalent to the salary of 14,000 new nurses.

Increases of one per cent will be provided to some employees in the NHS, as properly as to members of the armed forces, medical doctors and dentists, senior civil servants, prison officers and the judiciary.

But an estimated 600,000 health employees will only acquire their standard incremental pay out rise rather than the one%, which had been recommended by a shell out assessment physique.Close to 400 “very senior managers” in the NHS will not get the one% rise.

The move implies that health staff encounter a fourth yr of below-inflation increases and sparked anger from unions.

Unison accused the coalition of taking a scalpel to the pay assessment report and of “showing contempt” for NHS employees, adding that 70% of nurses will get no pay out rise this 12 months.

The GMB said it will now consult its members in the NHS on what they desired to do, warning that the blocking of a total 1% pay out rise would be taken as a “private insult”.

Nevertheless, speaking during a trip to the Middle East, Mr Cameron explained: “Let us look at the large picture right here. It is correct to make difficult selections about public sector pay out because it indicates we can maintain a lot more men and women employed, we can keep much more folks in perform and make certain we devote funds on crucial remedies, on hospitals, on delivering companies which is what patients so badly want.”

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