David Cameron: elderly men and women could be ‘unfairly pressurised’ into ending lives if assisted suicide legalised

“It’s a free vote situation,” Mr Cameron mentioned. “I have not supported it in the past and I’m not organizing on shifting my place.”

He additional: “I feel the Home of Lords is doing valuable operate by debating this and bringing out some of the arguments.

“My be concerned has constantly been about whether folks will be unfairly pressurised. But it is a matter of conscience.”

Under the 1961 Suicide Act, it remains a criminal offence, punishable by up to 14 many years in jail, to assist an individual get their personal life.

4 years ago, the Director of Public Prosecutions issued tips that produced clear that any individual who assisted a loved 1 to die even though “acting out of compassion” was unlikely to be charged.

Given that then, all around 90 such cases have been examined and there have been no prosecutions.

Supporters of assisted suicide say a formal legislative modify is long overdue to clarify the law and reduce needless struggling in the ultimate weeks and months of people’s lives.

Mr Cameron’s final intervention on the right to die issue came ahead of the 2010 standard election in an interview with the Catholic Herald. At the time he said he would campaign against any adjust.

Peers are anticipated to vote on the plans early this summertime and it could then pass to the Commons, the place there have been indications of developing support for a modify in the law.

A series of view polls have shown higher ranges of public support for new laws.

Lord Falconer, who is backed by the campaign group Dignity in Dying, argues that the Bill consists of robust safeguards to avert it being exploited to put strain on vulnerable elderly and disabled folks to finish their lives or extended beyond individuals who are terminally ill.

But opponents, who consist of prominent legal figures this kind of as Baroness Butler-Sloss, the former president of the Substantial Court Household Division, say it would cross an essential threshold, making it feasible for medical professionals to be actively involved in intentionally causing people’s deaths for the first time.

Claims that a relaxation in the law would lead to a “slippery slope” have intensified after the vote in Belgium final month to extend assisted suicide to youngsters.

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