Death is a part of existence

There’s lots of talk about anti-aging investigation nowadays, but with all the promises of longevity and even immortality, I doubt if any person regarded as the consequences of human beings if we lived permanently. The more you think about it, the scarier it becomes.

Believe of the folks who at the moment hold electrical power in medication, pharmaceuticals, media and government.

Imagine if they by no means died. If you really consider about it, a single of the best factors about some people is the fact that they will be pushing up daisies.

Think about the form of items if the previous-school science “God’s” lived forever?

Envision clinging to beliefs that are complete of holes.

Imagine society as we know it these days in no way moving forward except if the cronies currently in power presume the on-the-back, with legs pointing upward, position?

This, in my view, is why a civilization that could give its population the capability to reside permanently would be doomed to eternal gangrene by means of stagnation.
For a species to be effective there has to be mortality.

Think about this: Imagine if there were an anti-aging vaccine that price $ 100.00 and you could go to the doctor’s office, get the shot and never ever age an additional day, even if you reside forever.

Without a doubt, a huge section of the population would jump on this without having bothering to take into account the ramifications.

There would be a significant population crisis in the planet since new folks would proceed to be born all the time, but no 1 would be dying of previous age.

In a quite quick period of time it would become obvious, to all of the grownups who attained eternal youthfulness, that the fixed resources on the planet could only help a fixed quantity of folks, necessitating the establishing of a birth manage system that would make China’s look provincial.

You can see exactly where this is going.

Limiting new births would quit bringing new blood and new tips into our civilization.

All the “immortals” would hang all around permanently consuming all the resources and passing new laws to restrict births even much more.

Meanwhile, all their outdated concepts, beliefs and electrical power monopolies would never ever go away both.

Speak about “The Curse of the Mummy”!

Why so, you inquire?

Due to the fact it is in the rebirth of new tips and philosophies that give us any hope of improving issues in the long term, that’s why. If we hold carrying out issues as they’ve constantly been done, we’re not gonna get different final results, our lifestyles and quality of life will not enhance, and our chances of survival as a species would not be far better.

Yes, people enjoy the romantic notion of living permanently, but exactly where would the consideration be to think about the consequences if, without a doubt, immortality was low cost and readily obtainable for absolutely everyone?

The very good news is that anti-aging technological innovation is extremely hard to master and time waits for no one particular.

So, our greatest program of action is to pass on what we have discovered and then get out of the way so those learning’s can be enhanced on and new tips can emerge, that hopefully, will translate into performing a much better occupation of safeguarding the assets of our planet than we did.

To die is not only an crucial all-natural cycle, it’s also the most crucial factor that will happen to numerous people in positions of power right now.

Has anybody noticed, regardless of age, how amazingly lame many of our present politicians are? Would you actually want them around permanently?

Rest in peace!

About Hesh:

I have been undertaking a radio demonstrate in Honolulu given that 1981 referred to as “Health Talk”.

In 2007, I was “forced” to get a masters degree in Nutrition to quit all the medical professionals from calling in asking what my credentials were. Apart from that, they in no way liked it when I asked them what their credentials had been that would allow them to treat an sickness without drugs or surgical procedure.

If you go to and click on Podcasts, there are years of shows there.

I am an activist. I am vehemently opposed to GMOs, vaccines, processed foods, MSG, aspartame, fluoridation, and everything else that the “pimps” (massive pHarma, Monsanto, and the huge food businesses), and the “hookers” (the medical doctors, the government companies, the Public Overall health officials, and the mainstream media) thrust on us, the “tricks”.

At 75, I am in three softball leagues, racewalk, do stand-up paddling, hike, swim, do weights and cardio, and teach women’s self-defense classes based mostly on 20 many years of Wing Chun coaching. I have been a vegetarian since 1975 and a vegan considering that 1990, have no illnesses and take no meds.

After currently being vaccinated with the DTP vaccine as a youngster, I produced asthma, which plagued me till 2008 when
I realized about and started taking the natural sulfur crystals. My asthma was reversed in three days and has not come back.

So far, 22 situations of autism that we know about have been reversed, as has cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, asthma, osteoarthritis, joint discomfort, gingivitis, and erectile dysfunction. The sulfur has increased sexual exercise, eradicated toxins, hefty metals, radiation, and parasites. It speeds up athletic recovery time, increases blood circulation, reduces irritation, increases resistance to the “flu”, lowers wrinkles, allergic reactions, PMS, month to month time period discomfort, migraines, nausea, and way far more, simply because the oxygen that the sulfur releases floods and heals the cells in the entire body.

The sulfur, as proven by the University of Southampton in England, allows the body to create vitamin B12 and the crucial amino acids.

You can find out much more about this on my site beneath Products.

My book, “A Sane Diet program For An Insane World”, which has been published, can be viewed and bought at The guide clearly explains why what you eat, for the most component, is designed to preserve you in a state of declining well being.

I have not too long ago discovered an amazing super food – Zeal – that includes 42 wonderful probiotics, anti-oxidents and more, all made to build and strengthen the immune method. For much more info about this please email me.

Hesh Goldstein, MSNutri
“Health Talk” Moderator, K-108 Radio
POB 240783, Honolulu, Hi 96824
(808) 258-1177

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