eight Causes Why In March N.C.A.A. Stands For ‘Not Caring About Athletes’

1.  This month, the NCAA will make $ 770 Million in tv revenues from internet hosting its yearly men’s basketball tournament.  NCAA members will hold all of this cash for themselves.  The pupil-athletes will be paid nothing.

two.  If school athletes had been allowed to unionize, men’s university basketball gamers could reasonably assume to earn a number of hundred thousand bucks for enjoying in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  Therefore, the NCAA has petitioned the Nationwide Labor Relations Board to deny pupil-athletes’ right to unionize.

3.  Nevertheless even though the NCAA has argued that its athletes are foremost college students and not ‘employees,’ the NCAA still schedules its early round men’s tournament basketball games on Thursdays and Fridays during the day– days that conflict with traditional students’ academic obligations.

four.  Even a lot more disturbingly, this year the NCAA once once more scheduled its national championship game on a Monday night.  This maximizes the association’s television revenues, but needlessly can make the finalist teams miss two extra days of class.


School sports activities announcers such as Dick Vitale tend to search at the NCAA’s business practices through rose colored glasses.   (Photograph credit: Dave Hogg)

five.  In numerous instances, over the program the an total season the journey to the NCAA men’s basketball championship calls for student-athletes to miss one particular-quarter of all spring class days fully for basketball purposes.

6.  The 2014 NCAA Tournament schedule even calls for further missed class days purely for seeding motives.  For example, even even though Harvard University is based on the East Coast, the crew is currently being asked to travel to Spokane, WA for its 1st-round game — a game that will force that group to miss Wednesday, Thursday and perhaps Friday classes of this week.

seven.  Even although NCAA member schools regularly preach the dangers of pupil-athletes utilizing alcohol, they are so ‘drunk’ for income that they even let beer companies to market for the duration of the NCAA tournament.  Dry campus, so what?  Utilizing pupil-athletes to indirectly peddle beer is extremely profitable.

eight.  And worst of all …. the NCAA utilizes our loyal viewership of the tournament to preach its unique vision of “amateurism” and to lull several of us into the false belief that the NCAA’s several practices that restrain wage in the market for college athlete labor providers actually are in place for the pupil-athletes’ own benefit, and not as a way to maximize individual member schools’ income.


Marc Edelman is an Associate Professor of Law at the City University of New York’s Baruch College, Zicklin College of Enterprise, where he has published a lot more than 25 law evaluation articles on sports activities law issues.  His most latest posts such as “A Brief Treatise on Amateurism and Antitrust Law” and “The Long term of Amateurism after Antitrust Scrutiny.”

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