Elderly ‘suffer in silence’ beneath NHS care, says watchdog

“But my fear is that as well numerous older people are suffering in silence. Practically 80% of all the investigations we carry out are about NHS solutions.

“Even even though nearly half of NHS care and solutions are given to older men and women, only a third of the well being complaints we investigate are about the care of older individuals.”

She also highlighted widespread themes of complaints created including misdiagnosis, staff attitudes, bad communication with sufferers and families, substandard nutrition, and sufferers not being taken care of with dignity.

The ombudsman called for a modify in attitudes as well as the method of creating a complaint.

She explained: “A lot more wants to be completed to tackle the toxic cocktail of reluctance by individuals, carers and families to complain and a defensive response from the NHS, when they do.

“Creating a complaint must be effortless and transparent. And folks must be supported to do so. Usually older individuals worry damaging repercussions when they make a complaint or they merely do not like to ‘make a fuss’.”

She stressed that if folks have been not happy with the way the NHS handled a complaint, they should complain to the Parliamentary and Overall health Support Ombudsman.

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