Electronic cigarettes may encounter public ban in Wales

An e-cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are used virtually exclusively by recent and ex-smokers, the group Ash says. Photograph: Tim Ireland/PA

Wales could be the very first portion of the Uk to ban smoking e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces.

The Welsh health minister, Mark Drakeford, stated officials had been contemplating a ban amid concerns that the items could “re-normalise” the use of conventional cigarettes.

He mentioned there had been also issues that their spread could undermine the ban on tobacco smoking in enclosed public spaces, generating it far more tough to enforce.

“We have invested 30 years … creating a climate in this country in which folks understand that smoking is not something that is to be regarded as glamorous or desirable. We are concerned that e-cigarettes might reverse that tide,” he told BBC Radio 4′s These days programme.

“We are concerned that they may act as a gateway to standard cigarettes. It includes nicotine, it is hugely addictive, and you may well then find it less complicated to move on to standard cigarettes.”

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the well being charity Ash, mentioned: “The concern that electronic cigarettes may possibly be a gateway into smoking is understandable.

“Even so, this is not borne out by the evidence so far from England, the place our investigation exhibits that their use is practically with out exception only amongst present and ex-smokers.

“There is expanding proof that they are successful in assisting smokers quit, and this is to be welcomed.

“We’re pleased that the Welsh government is consulting on regardless of whether to ban their use in enclosed public spots as it is critical to consider account of the proof before going ahead.”

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