Excellent And Poor In The Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch

Samsung designed a reduced essential launch for its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5.  The telephone was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week with an equally minimal crucial message – consumers are not interested in whiz-bang technology. How did it work out?

Samsung’s need to shift the target away from tech specs to computer software and companies is understandable – it’s a trend. Businesses want more solutions. It is a key plank of innovation simply because it will permit Samsung to diversify revenues away from its factories. That in turn produces really different investment and return profiles for a business.

Samsung has, specifically, tried to direct focus for the S5 towards its health companies (S wellness, a support introduced in the S3, and the heart fee keep track of at the back of the telephone) as well as the peripherals – the Gear watches and the Gear Fit match-band, which won “Best Mobile Device” at the MWC.

If Samsung translates this modify of emphasis into recurring revenues rather than just product sales it would be a extremely public and visible transformation of an industry foremost, large enterprise. And not numerous big ones transform successfully.

Initial however, how effective has the launch been?  Prior to it, I signaled the reality that search curiosity in the S5 was reduce than for the launch of the S4 a 12 months earlier, even though this caught up by the 24th February, the day of the unveil.

But these are rough and prepared measures of a campaign’s effect so I wished to follow up with some social media analytics. United kingdom-primarily based Media Measurement (MM) agreed to run the data.  MM are a long-standing metrics company. They have been about when media metrics meant counting newspaper articles or blog posts, but they are now one of the top companies for on the web campaign measurement.

They tracked conversations for me on English language social media platforms for the period from twond January 2014 to twond March 2014 for the S5, and the equivalent period for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which was 21st January 2013 to 21st March 2014. These signify the commence dates of on the internet conversation with a tracking time period of two months.

What comes out of it? The initial metric is fairly blunt – total the S5 has produced less conversation.

The conversation degree around the S5 is 15% beneath that generated by the S4.

galaxy aunch

That doesn’t need to have to be catastrophic for Samsung even if it translates into 15% fewer revenue above time. The organization has enviable adaptability in its manufacturing choices, and can switch minimal cost elements into distinct units in the same mobile phone variety to compensate for lost revenues on volume.

There is some devil in the detail however. No doubt Samsung is previously poring over it to adapt its advertising and marketing ideas.

The first observation from MM’s Siobhan Rafferty is that the “speculation period” leading up to the launch has been extremely elongated with the S5. Important amounts of conversation about the S4 started only 17 days ahead of the launch whereas in the case of the S5 it has been closer to 47 days.

“One of the causes for some of the disappointment surrounding the reveal of the S5 could potentially be attributed to the truth that there have been this kind of higher ranges of speculation for this kind of a prolonged time period of time before the reveal, that the model inevitably failed to live up to the expectation that  designed.”

And Siobhan located that on balance sentiment veered towards disappointment like this quote from CNET:

Regardless of amazing specs, including a fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can’t beat its very own hype.

Odd in reality that I noticed really tiny hype close to it but I did uncover the Samsung teases – movies and the invites that recommended an S5 launch but unnecessarily stored it vague – did suggest that there was a huge new technologies to unveil.

Media Measurement also found that the fingerprint scanner, while being the most talked about technical characteristic, designed privacy issues simply because Samsung was very likely to make it offered to developers (this kind of as PayPal).

The improved camera in the S5 was also a speaking level.

Perhaps most disappointing from a support viewpoint is that only 13% of posts that talked about a specific attribute targeted on the heath app S Well being.

That adds up to just five% of all S5 references and of people 5% only 15% have been constructive – the huge bulk had been neutral. Possibly that’s to be expected. Handful of people have had a opportunity to attempt it out even though it has evolved from the S4 and S3 so it is not a new support.

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