Existence coach: what causes water retention?

There is fairly a wide variation of normal but the medical doctor is looking to assess if the tendon reflex is unusually brisk, average, lowered or absent.

For illustration, a person who has a bulging or “slipped” disc in the decrease back might show diminished or absent knee jerks since the nerves controlling knee lifting are getting squeezed by the disc and this stops the reflex working.

A fluid scenario

Q: What triggers water retention, and what’s the ideal way to tackle it? Although I swim and do yoga every single week, I often look to get puffy about my thighs and ankles – one thing that a masseur lately confirmed.

A: Tony Gallagher writes

You will almost certainly be not also stunned to know that there are numerous motives that can contribute to fluid retention in the entire body which is far better acknowledged as oedema. The develop-up of fluid leads to impacted tissue to turn out to be swollen.

Exercises such as swimming and yoga certainly will not make the swelling any worse, but prior to effective remedy can commence, the underlying trigger should be located. The oedema usually clears up when this underlying problem creating the fluid imbalance is diagnosed and taken care of.

Whilst oedema can happen anyplace in the body it is most typical in the feet and ankles and this is labelled peripheral oedema.

Getting immobile for lengthy intervals can be a contributing factor at the begin. Other culprits include sizzling weather and being exposed to high altitudes. A large salt consumption can also produce difficulties and females at times have troubles with hormones linked with the menstrual cycle when they may knowledge oedema in the two weeks prior to menstruation.

Symptoms contain swelling of physique components this kind of as feet, hands and ankles, a feeling of stiffness or aching and bodyweight fluctuations.

Oral contraceptives that incorporate oestrogen can set off fluid retention, as can hormones found in pregnancy that inspire the body to hold onto extra fluid. Specific medication, this kind of as corticosteroids or medication for higher blood strain can result in difficulties too.

Dietary deficiencies (see Sara’s response for much more detail, correct) can be a contributor so analysis of diet plan may possibly be helpful. Consuming a lot of water helps because a effectively-hydrated entire body is much less most likely to retain fluid.

In some situations fluid retention could be a indicator of disease. If diagnostic tests are deemed necessary, they may incorporate testing for some of the following: kidney illness heart ailment, since, if the heart doesn’t pump effectively, the physique can compensate in a variety of approaches like retaining fluid.

Other prospective situations are lung conditions, thyroid condition and arthritis, as joints affected in specified cases tend to swell with fluid. Liver disease and malignant lymphoedema that block structures of the lymphatic method can result in swelling. Oedema that happens in the leg may be caused by a blood clot, a development or a cyst or varicose veins.

In the initial instance, you could lose bodyweight if required, continue with your regular exercising, elevate your legs in bed every day to improve your circulation and, if pertinent, stay away from standing for extended intervals of time. Sporting assistance stockings normally assists too. If issues persist you may need to have further diagnostic exams.

A: Sara Stanner writes

Water retention can be caused by certain health-related circumstances or the body’s all-natural reaction to hot weather, hormonal changes in the course of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or the menopause. When you are struggling, some dietary adjustments can support.

Firstly, cut back on the salt in your diet regime and attempt to consume meals that are good sources of potassium this kind of as fruit (particularly bananas), vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, milk and milk goods, nuts, seeds and pulses.

The fluid regulating action of the kidneys is based on the dual pumping action of sodium and potassium – sodium draws water into the entire body although potassium assists to excrete it. So do not add further salt at the table or in cooking, stay away from eating also a lot of higher-salt food items this kind of as soy sauce, stock cubes, salted meats and fish, gravy powders, food items canned in brine and salted snacks this kind of as salted nuts or popcorn. Verify meals labels to seem for decrease salt options. Even though meals producers have accomplished a good deal in recent many years to minimize the salt content of many processed meals, there can nevertheless be a variation between kinds and brands.

Make sure that you drink loads of water. While it could be tempting to drink less when you are suffering from fluid retention, a lower fluid intake causes you to retain fluid whereas maintaining effectively hydrated promotes good kidney function.

Drinking tons of alcohol or also a lot of caffeinated drinks could lead to dehydration and cause fluid retention. Even though there numerous herbal and dietary dietary supplements, for instance containing dandelion, ginger and nettle which have been traditionally used as therapies for water retention, check with your GP before taking these.

Placing your feet up at normal intervals all through the day and frequently rotating your ankles can help fluid construct-up in the legs. But physical exercise can also support – just making sure you are walking all around every single hour or so will minimize the fluid retention that can arise when you sit for extended intervals of time.

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