‘Extremist’ doing work as psychiatrist for NHS

Under a caliphate, guys and women would be segregated in public places and females and non-Muslims would be banned from holding positions of energy. Alcohol would also be banned, along with exact same-intercourse relationships. Critics have explained his skilled part conflicts with his excessive views on women’s rights, alcohol, and exact same-sex relationships.

Dr Waheed has referred to as on supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir to undertake “jihad” against Israel and when mentioned he would only condemn the 2005 London bombings if Western leaders criticised what they had accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, final night named on both the NHS and the Standard Health care Council to examine no matter whether Dr Waheed’s role as a consultant psychiatrist is compatible with his political actions. They in contrast the circumstance to getting a British Nationwide Party activist functioning in a multiracial location this kind of as Birmingham.

He explained: “If Dr Waheed is as fervent about his views as I suspect he is, I locate it hard to believe he can maintain them separate from his practice as a psychiatrist working with extremely vulnerable individuals.”

Ghaffar Hussain, from Quilliam, which campaigns against radicalisation, explained: “Vulnerable people have a proper to know if they are receiving counselling and care from an person who is extremely senior in an extremist organisation such as HuT.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned from Birmingham Central Mosque. Dr Mohammed Naseem, its chairman, mentioned: “Their views are not compatible with Islam and the Muslim neighborhood in Britain rejected them a extended time ago.”

Following the July seven bombings, which killed 56 individuals, Tony Blair announced his intention to ban the group, but abandoned the strategy after police and the safety providers advised that such a ban would drive it underground and make it more difficult to check its members’ activities.

However, the party is considered to be responsible for radicalising thousands of younger British Muslims. Despite the fact that it says it opposes acts of violence in the title of Islam, some protection professionals claim the organisation acts as a “gateway” for much more excessive organisations.

Dr Waheed’s operate leaves him accountable for the mental wellbeing of a enormous quantity of men and women in the care of Birmingham and Solihull Psychological Wellness Trust, which covers one.2 million folks.

Last year he delivered a speak at the Arab Uprising conference in Manchester in which he urged the adoption of a caliphate type of government, claiming it provided “superior and sophisticated political, economic and social solutions” to modern issues.

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