Guys have emotions too!

Guys. They hold their cards rather shut to their chest, getting discovered when they have been little boys to hide their feelings. “Suck it up.” “Big boys really do not cry.” “Take it like a man.” “Toughen up.” “Learn to throw a punch.” Well, you get the thought.

But how a lot of men are out there silently suffering from nervousness, out of control anger, guilt or shame with nowhere to turn for assist, fearing how other individuals will judge them?

How numerous men are discovering unhealthy approaches to hold the pain of these emotions in examine so no 1 will see the truth of what they’re genuinely considering and feeling about themselves, as they put on a good front.

How several guys are literally dying from the within out because they are paralyzed by the enormity of their own damaging feelings building up inside?

You all probably know one particular of these males.

If there was ever a time when guys could commence to talk up to be more open, to share the vulnerability they come to feel, it is now. The planet is shifting and changing and as it does, the agonizing feelings turn out to be more clear, intruding and aggressive.

It is time for the world to show compassion for guys so that they can come to feel comfy adequate to unburden themselves of their emotional baggage and start off residing authentically and passionately on objective.

If you are a guy who is going by way of some hard times, uncover someone you really feel protected with who will pay attention as you communicate truthfully about what you are encountering.

If you know a man who is struggling, offer him a trusting ear so that he does not feel alone in his soreness.

And if you have a son, give him the loving room to be himself regardless of whether it is rough and tumble or meek and timid. Educate him that tears are a excellent way to release the heaviness of sadness or fear. Demonstrate him how to deal with his adverse emotions like anger in a healthful way. And teach him to be linked to his own self so he can reside a deep and meaningful daily life.

Tears are good for the soul and males require to shed some too often.

With enjoy and kindness

Bettina Goodwin

The Sensible Man’s Way

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