Harold Shipman: investigation launched into police handling of victims’ remains

They had been held in case Shipman, or later his widow Primrose, made a decision to mount a legal challenge to the 2000 conviction.

But in 2010 GMP sooner or later made the decision to destroy the samples with out telling the families in purchase to spare them any further distress.

At the time GMP Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “After considerably agonising and consultation individuals in essence took the choice not to result in people households even more distress by telling them about this.”

He insisted the procedure of destruction was dealt with in a ‘dignified manner’ though confirmed there was no ceremony.

It is not clear what the whistleblower has alleged but the IPCC said it would be investigating if the families had been misled over the disposals.

The force will also be subject to two other investigations which includes a single about the alleged bugging of a police workplace and claims that a intercourse abuse probe was poorly handled and then covered up.

GMP’s Assistant Chief Constable, Terry Sweeney, who had operating on the Hillsborough investigation, has announced that he is stepping down from the inquiry and will return to GMP although the IPCC probe is ongoing.

IPCC Commissioner Jan Williams mentioned: “These are serious allegations and the gravity and nature of the allegations, and the fact that they are created against senior officers inside of the force, implies they need to be investigated independently. We will also search at the wider organisational response by Greater Manchester Police in each and every of these investigations.

“We know that the households concerned will have been through very distressing instances, and we will be sensitive to this as we conduct our investigations. We have a statutory duty to carry out independent investigations in circumstances such as these, but we will make certain that we communicate with the households and do whatever we can to keep away from additional distress.”

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy mentioned: “We will be cooperating with the Independent Police Complaints Commission as we want to make sure the allegations raised are brought to a satisfactory conclusion. We hope this can be done swiftly.

“On all the issues being regarded we will be supporting the IPCC investigation. As matters are now topic to an independent investigation I am unable to go into significantly detail. Even so, some of these troubles have presently been reported in the media and we offered in depth responses. I have stated prior to that the selections dealing with the aftermath of the Shipman investigation had been complex and sensitive, our priority was to steer clear of causing additional distress to the families.”

He extra: “Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney has voluntarily determined to stand down from his perform with the Hillsborough Enquiry as component of Operation Resolve although the investigation will take area. This is a personal decision created as he does not want the matter to distract from the operation’s crucial operate.

“I support the need for tough issues we face to be subjected to scrutiny and for there to be a transparent process for this. We have been working nationally with the School of Policing to develop Ethics Committees that will consider delicate issues of policy. Locally we see great benefit in the creation of an Ombudsman to provide a clearer route for men and women who want to raise issues of concern.

“These are significant allegations but this investigation will not distract us from the hard work of officers and personnel each and every day who are trying to keep the public protected and tackling criminals.”

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