Have you been rejected by insurers because of mental health problems?

If you have a mental health condition it can be harder to get insurance and in some circumstances you have to pay more.

However, this should only be the case if the insurer can provide evidence that you are at a higher risk of making a claim and if the information they used to access your application was applied in a reasonable way.

Earlier this year travel insurance companies were accused of discriminating against people with mental health problems after a young woman was refused cover when she revealed that she had bipolar disorder.

What are your experiences?

We want to know whether other people feel they have been discriminated in this way. Have you found it harder to get any kind of insurance – travel, health, life – even though there is no evidence you are higher risk? Do you feel you were unfairly treated? Does the current system work for those with mental health problems? Share your views, experiences and stories and we will use a selection in our reporting.

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