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Mariella Frostrup: ‘Knockdown blows come to us all. You bounce back or you keep your head down. But only the former has the guarantee of a wealthy daily life.’ Photograph: Alamy

The dilemma My father died in June of chronic alcoholism and, in the exact same yr, a shut good friend started a relationship with a guy she knew I was in adore with. This escalated and resulted in a specifically horrible incident in which the man attacked me. I have taken antidepressants for some time, but this past yr has left me depressed and utterly disillusioned with the capacity of human beings for really like, compassion and loyalty. I feel overwhelmed with a hopelessness and bitterness towards even those who are type to me. I, in turn, have come to see red wine as a substitute for human company and I invest most of my time alone. I concern this cynicism and developing coldness will engulf me and wreck my capacity to have meaningful relationships. 

Mariella replies You’re totally right. If you opt to crawl into a hole, select in excess of the carcass of the crimes committed towards you and reside on little but self-pity and liver-threatening ranges of red wine you are unlikely to thrive. Thankfully that is not your only choice.

Knockdown blows come to us all – either you bounce back up, idiotic although it might look, and embrace the new options that come along, or you crouch as reduced as you can to hold your head beneath the radar. Only the former has the guarantee of a wealthy daily life. It is not tough to see what is driven you to really feel like this and you certainly deserve a period of emotional R&ampR. There’s nothing at all wrong with withdrawing from the proverbial ring and nursing your wounds, but it need to be a minibreak rather than a lifestyle selection.

The death of your father can not have been sudden – chronic alcoholism and longevity aren’t compatible. You will have witnessed 1st hand the horrible toll of his addiction and inability to cope and sadly picked up a handful of ideas about self-abuse along the way. That isn’t going to indicate it’s compulsory to select up where your father left off. Mothers and fathers set all sorts of examples for us, good and bad, but it is an insult to our skills as totally free-pondering individuals to recommend we cannot pick our personal path. So why make this kind of copycat self-destruction your life’s operate? It would be pretty worrying if it weren’t for the letter you have sent me.

I’m convinced that if you were deluded adequate to consider you have been on the right path or felt assured that your present way of coping was sustainable you would not be creating. You know previously that cowering in the dark and employing a wine bottle as a prop is not the response. I’m guessing you just want me to spell it out.

So let us talk a bit about this unrequited love affair. Marking out territory in issues of the heart isn’t going to operate and it is tough to insist on if it is basically a case of your emotions making an attempt to trump an individual else’s. Just since you want it isn’t going to suggest you have a right to it – whether or not animal, vegetable, or mineral. Your buddy could have been disappointingly disloyal, but there’s no law that says you can ring-fence the object of your want. It sounds like you had a fortunate escape anyway, even though your good friend might have acquired her comeuppance. No matter what the circumstances, “attacking” you is unacceptable. As an alternative of winding up with a bully, you have managed to escape that fate even though your dishonourable pal is residing with the legacy of her decision. If that is not lead to for celebration I do not know what is.

No 1 would have wished for your father’s early death, but we’ve all received to go some time and his demise, along with the finish of your hopes for a connection with the man you mention, implies you are actually free of charge. As an alternative of shaping your globe about the blunders of other folks, why do not you open your eyes to the choices that have opened up? Two dysfunctional and destructive emotional influences no longer loom huge on the horizon. This frees you up to adjust your daily life, not relive your parent’s problems.

If you think you have suffered unduly you may want to immerse oneself in some misery memoirs to open your eyes to the extent of suffering knowledgeable by other individuals. Personally I prefer to think in the energy of redemption than wallow in the mire. Your father should be your part model – not as an illustration of how to dwell now but as a reminder of how not to squander your time. Of a single issue I’m certain – stick a cork in the bottle and embrace a optimistic path, and these who have hurt you will recede into the distance.

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