If NHS data goes on-line, what will occur to the outdated and the bad who cannot entry technological innovation? | Katharine Whitehorn

Jeremy Hunt speaking in front of big NHS logo

Katharine Whitehorn: ‘Jeremy Hunt (pictured) trotted out figures, such as that 70% of us buy our air tickets on-line.’ Photograph: Neil Hall/PA

Well being secretary Jeremy Hunt need to have considered he was saying something cheerful when he explained that the NHS ought to learn from banks and airlines, and use engineering to make our care far more personalized. He trotted out figures, such as that a single in five Christmas presents was purchased online and that 70% of us acquire our air tickets on-line.

Definitely individuals who have income in banking institutions, fly away on vacation and have a pc or its equivalent can do all these things. But has not he observed that a wonderful percentage of individuals who are unwell are previous, and many of them poor? They may not even personal a mobile telephone or be fortunate adequate to have someone younger who can cope with such items on their behalf.

Of program there are some who are techies by nature, other folks who have laptop-wise carers here and there some groups are trying to assist pensioners with the web with all the selfless work that used to go into educating the heathen to read. I realize that even now GPs are usually getting to element in the time it will take to pay attention to, and then proper what their younger sufferers have learned on the net.

But probably there is a great motive hidden in all this: a hope of tackling youth unemployment by hiring them as technical interpreters, to bridge the gulf among the old and sick and the machines with out which, apparently, they could not be cured.

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