Irish pro-choice campaigners recount #HomeToVote journeys online

Whether it is boarding 13-hour flights or thanking the strangers that have funded their journeys, Irish citizens are sharing their stories on social media as they travel home from all over the world to cast their ballot in the country’s historic referendum on abortion. The hashtag #HomeToVote has been used across social media channels by supporters of repealing the 8th amendment as they converge in Ireland to cast their votes.

Many were visibly displaying their support through clothing and badges, and noticed support for the campaign on the way. One supporter, who flew home to canvass and vote, tweeted that his flight attendant was wearing a ‘Tá’ – the Irish for yes – badge on his flight.

IO for Yes // May 25th (@iarlaoh)

The flight attendant checking my ticket on the plane #hometovote this morning was wearing a “Tá” badge. :)

May 20, 2018

Not everyone found that fellow travellers understood the significance of their journey, however, and felt it echoed the experience of the women who have to travel abroad for abortions under the present constitution.

“Boarding a 13-hour flight from Buenos Aires to London. London to Dublin tomorrow. No one at airport knows what my repeal jumper means. No one here knows why I’m travelling. If this feels isolating for me, can’t imagine how lonely it must be 4 her, travelling 2 the UK,” tweeted Ciaran Gaffney. He also posted an image of himself in his repeal jumper in Buenos Aires

The 13 hour flight I’m about to take hasn’t got a patch on the 1hr flight that your sister, your friend, the girl on your street, your mother, your employer, your colleague, your employee, your girlfriend or any of the women of Ireland might have to take today, or had to take yesterday, or have had to take in the past 35 years. Let’s stop this cowardly act of exporting this issue to our neighbouring countries, and let’s #repealthe8th!

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