Law clear on female genital mutilation

It is correct that there is a clear distinction between providing medical care to somebody previously topic to female genital mutilation, this kind of as stitches after childbirth to control bleeding, and committing an offence (FGM charge hides the true troubles, Letters, 28 March).

The law is clear that no offence of female genital mutilation is committed by an accepted particular person who performs a surgical operation which is required for the patient’s physical or mental health, or for the purposes linked with the labour or birth. This was, of course, regarded as in this case.

The total details of this situation are nevertheless to be heard in court and commentary which misunderstands the facts is unhelpful in this really crucial region of the law. It is also really crucial that nothing at all prejudices the upcoming trial.
Alison Saunders
Director of public prosecutions

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