Minister orders investigation into abortion of girls

Medical professionals at British clinics were secretly filmed agreeing to terminate foetuses purely since they are both male or female.

Speaking in a debate in the Home of Lords, Baroness Knight stated that four of the seven sections of the Abortion Act 1967 “seem to be broken regularly”,

She stated: “Yet it is unattainable to get specifics of investigations into this law-breaking or about any resulting prosecutions.”

Lady Knight, a former senior Conservative MP, extra: “Abortion law definitely lacks clarity on matters that want to be clear.

“Furthermore, it suffers from these who play with phrases to the extent that it permits terminations that were never intended to be legal.”

Lord Patten, the head of the BBC Believe in and a fomer Tory Cabinet minister in the 1990s, explained that “allowing sex-selective abortion would suggest that the United kingdom was sleep-walking into a complete-blown eugenic society, flying complete into the face of humanity and the gift of life”. He referred to as for the law to be up to date “to make clear the illegality” of the practice.

Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville, a Liberal Democrat peer, said “ultrasound scans have been not routine” when she was expecting a baby.

She additional: “Perhaps a much more ethical way would be not routinely to offer information of the sex of the child except in which healthcare causes, definitely not social reasons, may well need it.

“For some mothers and fathers with a family of all women or all boys, the temptation to know and possibly terminate could be overpowering. We need to not place this kind of temptation in their way.”

Earl Howe explained that a present evaluation of figures by the Division of Overall health “indicates that birth ratios – that is to say, the ratio of boys born as compared with ladies – in this country are inside standard limits”.

But he mentioned that this evaluation was being up to date, including: “We are determined to monitor the circumstance routinely and remain vigilant.

“I am also aware that some folks and organisations have presented anecdotal evidence of gender-selective abortions taking spot. I urge anyone who thinks that the law may be currently being broken to get in touch with the police with their proof.”

He added: “We are not complacent on these issues. We remain and will proceed to be really vigilant.”

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