Nick Clegg: It is “medieval” to restrict younger women’s accessibility to the morning-following pill

The new advice says that the pills can be provided in advance, if these looking for it are employing methods of contraception, this kind of as condoms or the Pill, which can be topic to “user failure”.

It also says school nurses ought to be ready to dispense totally free emergency contraception to pupils, while pharmacists — who usually charge £25 for the tablets — need to be capable to dispense capsules cost-free.

The new advice, aimed at cutting the large numbers of undesirable teenage pregnancies in England, also says free of charge condoms must be “readily accessible” for youthful guys and women at spots such as “schools, schools and youth clubs”.

Mr Clegg, who manufactured clear he believes that medical doctors should be able to give the morning-soon after pill to underneath-16s, explained he had not mentioned his views on the situation with Mr Hunt.

Speaking on his Get in touch with Clegg show on LBC radio, the Deputy Prime Minister stated: “I am completely appalled and actually really angry on behalf of a lot of, a lot of ladies across the country about the suggestion that offering a woman the appropriate to purchase a morning-right after pill will by some means automatically lead to more promiscuous behaviour.

“I consider it is demeaning, I feel it is patronising, I believe it is sexist.

“Females will not consider a morning-soon after pill lightly. It is not one thing you casually do. To say to a female she can’t have the proper, in case she has unprotected intercourse, to have a morning-soon after pill available due to the fact we – the Government, society or whichever newspaper columnist is pontificating about this – consider she will all of a sudden become terribly promiscuous, I think is an absolute insult to ladies across the nation.”

Josephine Quintavalle, from the stress group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said final week: “I believe it is truly worrying and deeply unwise. Getting a stockpile of the morning-right after pill on hand is a licence for unprotected intercourse, and that puts younger girls at elevated danger of sexually transmitted conditions.”

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