Paige Hathaway Provides Some Competitors For Jen Selter In Expanding Fitness Model Classification

Jen Selter’s booty has been stealing the display.  The fitness model mainly acknowledged for her derriere has amassed a lot more than 350,000 followers on Twitter and an even more substantial following on Instagram, with in excess of 2.six million loyal disciples.  Yet, Selter does not very own this vastly expanding fitness model sphere all to herself.  In truth, a lot of sexy, fit and energetic females are beginning to uncover a niche in the fitness planet and are turning to trusted advisors to assist exploit their chiseled cores and bubbling characters.  One such person is a tiny town lady born and raised in Minnesota named Paige Hathaway.

Paige might not be a household name just nevertheless, but neither was Jen Selter just a year ago.  Selter’s fast rise largely due to her sharing of sensuous and provocative pictures and videos on social media gives Hathaway and other fitness designs with hope that they too can grow to be overnight sensations.  Hathaway has a head start off, with a powerful social following, largely identified on her active Instagram webpage.


Paige Hathaway has a sponsorship deal with SHREDZ Supplements and is looking to expand her endorsement portfolio.

“As a culture, beautiful ladies and athletes have often intrigued us,” mentioned Ashley Millerick to FORBES.  Millerick spends most of her time as an agent for specialist football players, but was also retained by Paige Hathaway to assist her procure and negotiate new opportunities.  ”Now much more than ever as a society we are conscious of our health and fitness.  All of these items regarded, I consider the category of ‘fitness model’ and other similar categories like bikini competitor, will only carry on to gain recognition along with the girls that are effective at them.”

As of now, Hathaway has only a single corporate endorsement.  It is with a new company called SHREDZ, which is a direct marketing nutritional supplement company.  She not only promotes the items by way of social media, but also sells them.  Millerick says that she is also operating on a project that will culminate in the creation of a subscription based website in which members will shell out a nominal fee, related to the expense of a magazine, to obtain entry to Paige’s recipes, exercises and other fitness suggestions.

“Paige’s initial corporate endorsement was the result of her own tough work.  Soon after she participated in her 1st bikini competitors she knew that she desired to work in the fitness sector,” explained Millerick.  ”In purchase to do that we would need to discover corporate sponsorship.  In contrast to other industries, there was no manual or guide on how to do this.  She attended each fitness demonstrate and expo she could and passed out flyers about herself to anyone in the sector who would get one.”

Despite the existence of main corporate sponsorships for prime athletes, this kind of as the bond between PGA Tour golfer Matt Kuchar and Grey Goose Vokda, it is generally very difficult for athletes to get substantial financial marketing and advertising deals and endorsements, unless they are incredibly nicely-acknowledged and a family name. Nonetheless, social media has allowed a new avenue for companies to obtain exposure, which will continue to existing options for Paige Hathaway and similarly located fitness models.  ”Because of this, men and women with a large social media following, like Paige, can deliver worth to a corporate partnership,” stated Millerick.  ”Most of the businesses we seem to companion with are in the fitness industry even so, we also reach out to firms in different realms like cosmetics and apparel.  Paige is very hands-on when it comes to determining whether or not a company is appropriate for her to associate her brand with.”

When Jen Selter signed with The Legacy Agency, Inc., her new agents distributed a press release that framed Selter as a kind of fitness model inside of a bigger class of athlete.  The Legacy Agency is known for its athlete representation prowess, so it was only fitting that Selter be branded in such a way.  Millerick, also skilled and knowledgeable in the world of sports activities, is trying to do the identical with her consumer, Paige Hathaway.

“I consider girls who are portion of these genres are athletes,” explained Millerick.  ”Many fitness models take element in fitness competitions and even get their begin that way, which was the case for Paige.  I truly feel the two are closely linked and have roots in bodybuilding, which has been around for many years and has a huge fan base.  Even so I come to feel the sport of bodybuilding pushed many girls away for a long time due to the type of physique it was aimed at obtaining.  That is why its addition of the Bikini category has been so interesting to girls and has acquired this kind of severe recognition.  In order to be a contender in these competitions or obtain operate as a fitness model you must be effectively educated, stick to a rigid diet regime and be experienced at posing and presentation on stage. The planning and talent that that is required in fitness competitions should enable it to be classified as a sport and the women who consider portion in it must get the respect of currently being called an athletes.”

Companies will continue to uncover value in the establishing fitness model classification and submit dollars to attract its increasing demographic.  However, what appears to be the case is that these fitness versions care about more than just income.  Much like the aforementioned Selter, Paige Hathaway wants to use her platform to inspire her following to live far more healthier lifestyles.  ”There is nothing at all much more rewarding than sharing my fitness journey and getting advised it assisted empower a person else to obtain his or her goals,” says Hathaway.  That kind of perspective will not only offer Paige with a new supply of income, but also do wonders to advantage her developing female (and male) fan base.

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