Pet topics: is my canine sleepwalking?

Commercially developed diet plans created for cats with kidney failure are quite unlikely to be deficient in nutrients, so it’s well worth hunting into other possible leads to. Licking concrete is a type of abnormal appetite identified as “pica”, which can be caused by anaemia, or a lower red blood cell count. This is a frequent complication in cats with kidney condition, due to reduced amounts of erythropoietin (a hormone secreted by healthier kidneys that increases red blood cell manufacturing in response to lower ranges of oxygen in the tissues).

There are other leads to of pica (such as Alzheimer-like cognitive decline) but it is well worth a go to to your vet to investigate the probability of anaemia, because it can be treated effectively.

My 4-12 months-outdated yr Labrador keeps jumping up on to the counter soon after I have prepared dinner, stealing foods. I am continuously scolding her and pulling her down yet again. Normally when I educate her some thing she learns but not this time. Do you have any suggestions?

TB, Co Carlow, Ireland

Counter-surfing is a widespread dilemma in energetic dogs with healthful appetites. There are three approaches: initial, eliminate the temptation – never give her a likelihood to jump up on the counter when food is there by trying to keep her out of the space at these occasions (e.g. using a baby gate or a canine crate) second, teach her the “leave it” command, by supplying her an even tastier treat than some thing that she has initially picked up (see for particulars) – you should then be able to cease her from jumping up by saying “leave it” and she ought to slowly drop the habit third, and significantly less politically right, you can booby-trap counters (e.g. with piles of empty drink cans), or use a remote control spray collar, to make it significantly less enjoyable for her to jump on to the counter. Don’t give up. You want to be much more stubborn than her on this.

1 of my rabbits, Tintin, who is now four many years old, has began to get mucky underneath his tail. Right up until lately, he groomed himself impeccably. Why do you believe he has stopped becoming his usual spotless self?

JD, Cornwall

This is a widespread, typically misunderstood, sign of illness in rabbits. A healthful rabbit eats its very own soft droppings, typically at night: this is named coprophagia, and it is element of the standard digestive approach. These soft droppings (“cecotropes”) are various to the inedible challenging spherical pellets that are created at other times. If a rabbit does not consume the soft droppings, they accumulate and dry out underneath the tail, forming clumps of dirty, matted fur. There are several typical causes, including dental ailment (affected rabbits may discover coprophagia agonizing) and weight problems (body fat rabbits locate it difficult to reach beneath the tail). You need to get Tintin checked by your vet.

Do you mind if I muzzle your dog?

Puppy bites are a critical risk to vets in practice: studies display that work-related injuries happen practically three occasions more usually to vets than to GPs. Older, skilled vets are much less probably to suffer this kind of injuries, presumably because bitter experience teaches them to be much more cautious. If your vet suggests muzzling your canine, really don’t be offended: prevention is usually preferable to the bodily and psychological problems of dealing with a nasty bite wound.

Rescue pet of the week

Foxy is a two-yr-old Akita who needs the proper long-term home after currently being in Battersea Dogs and Cats Residence for the past year. Get in touch with 01784 494 443 if you’d like to meet her .To locate out the outcomes of the rescued pets featured in this column, see

Send pet issues to kingdom. All sick animals ought to, of program, be taken to a vet

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