Refined sugar is the genuine villain because it raises chance of heart condition

Health experts demand less sugar for UK foods and drinks industry

Five cans of soft drinks have 46 sugar cubes but there is sugar lurking in more healthy foods options such as canned fruit salad. Photograph: Geoff Abbott/Corbis

Simon Capewell, professor of public health and policy at Liverpool University, says we need to aim for ten portions of fruit and veggies a day – by no means thoughts five or 7 – and strike smoothies and fruit juice off the acceptable checklist.

Capewell is 1 of a growing band of authorities who think sugar is the hidden enemy of great wellness. Vegetables are very good for you and fresh fruit picked from trees and plants is very good for you. But, he points out in a commentary with the Oyebode research, dried, tinned, canned and squeezed fruit supply plenty of sugar.

“Underneath existing recommendations, 150ml of freshly squeezed orange juice (sugar 13g), 30g dried figs (sugar 14g), 200ml of a smoothie made with fruit and fruit juice (sugar 23g) and 80g of canned fruit salad in fruit juice (sugar 10g) all count as the 5 portions of the ‘five a day’ and include a complete of some 60g of refined sugars,” he writes. “This is a lot more than the sugar in a 500ml bottle of cola.”

The proof against sugar is strengthening, he advised the Guardian, pointing to a welter of new stories and scientific studies in current months. In February, Quanhe Yang and colleagues from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study in the journal JAMA Inner Medicine that recommended larger sugar consumption increased the danger of death from heart ailment – whether or not people ate also significantly.

“Extra refined sugar is the clear villain,” mentioned Capewell. He thinks the new and tentative locating that tinned fruit might be a issue may possibly be far more proof. “Even though fruit could be protective, if you place it in a tin with syrup, the harm of the sugar begins to outweigh something else.”

Government suggestions is outdated, he says, pointing out that Professor Susan Jebb, often named the weight problems tsar because she chairs government initiatives this kind of as the responsibility deal, mentioned in January that fruit juice ought to not be a single of the five-a-day since the abdomen can’t distinguish the sugar in it from that in Coca Cola. Swap it for a piece of genuine fruit, she stated. “If the government and Public Well being England don’t shift at all and present any acknowledgment that science goes forward, they will lose their street cred,” he explained. “There is so a lot hidden sugar and so many folks do not realise it.”

“I would like to say that five a day is wonderful. Ten a day is almost certainly greater. We are in a negotiating game. If there are lots of men and women shouting for ten, possibly the government will grudgingly go to seven.”

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