Remedy Headaches without having Pills

By Beth Maxwell

Posted Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 04:58pm EDT

There are numerous motives for possessing annoying and excruciating headaches. In case a headache occurs out of the blue and capsules are not an option, you can choose a safer way to get rid of a headache.

 Aromatherapy eases ache

Scents of important oils have been employed in ancient times, they handled a lot of ailments. The very best vital oil for headaches is lavender oil: it assists to loosen up, relieves stress and sets our mind at rest.

If you really do not like lavender, mint will aid. Mint efficiently fights with stress and calms the nerves, which may have triggered the headache. Rub important oils into the scalp for ten minutes. If there is no mint oil, you can use fresh mint leaves: grind them and apply to the temples, nape and crown gently rubbing this mixture. You can also drink mint tea with honey. Put modest bottles of lavender and mint oils in your handbag. When the headache commences torturing you, open the bottle and breath the scent for one minute with the two nostrils.


Cold helps if the headache is brought on by overexertion, allergies, or a flue. Wrap some ice in the towel or soak a linen napkin in cold water, apply to the forehead and temples. If the complete head hurts, you can apply cold to the neck and shoulders as effectively.

Do not use ice, without wrapping it in a towel. This will lead to a spasm of blood vessels and, soon after a minute of relief, improve the soreness.

Soothing heat

If the headache is brought on by impaired circulation due to cervical degenerative disc disease or muscle spasm, there is a disorder in the blood movement. Therefore, you need to expand the blood vessels by applying a heating pad to the neck or taking a hot shower all in excess of the neck.

In reality, the shower completely fights with the headaches, specially if it’s a contrast shower. If you can’t consider a shower quickly, try circular rotation of the head for kneading the muscle groups and gently rub the posterior surface of the neck or wrap the neck into a woolen scarf.

Fresh air

Often, a banal hypoxia in apartments is the trigger of a headache. Air the room every single hour for 5 minutes. Have a walk for half an hour. Quit smoking at least for one particular evening: nicotine and cigarette smoke trigger hypoxia and headache.

Stage and standard massages

It is properly recognized that intensive pressure on specified points on the physique helps to remedy a lot of well being problems.

• Massage the area between the thumb and the index finger. Spread the fingers apart, if there is discomfort when you press, it means that you’ve located the active spot in the fork of the tendons. Massage it vigorously for about five minutes, the headache will rapidly weaken.

• Level massage more than the bridge of the nose (on the eyebrow line) assists to soothe ache.

• There are two symmetrical points: tiny dimples in places the place the eyebrows end. Massage them concurrently.

• Massage simultaneously points in which the hair development line produces a corner.

• Massage the earlobes till they are warm.

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