Salute by England hero says we’re battling for Jack’s life

“The much more publicity we get, the much more opportunity there is of locating a remedy for Jack,” explained Mr Johnson, 39. “Owen was giving a display of power.”

The salute has been carried out by everybody from Bradley Wiggins – an additional Wigan lad – to Rio Ferdinand, Tim Henman, and even Ant and Dec.

But the Johnsons are a rugby loved ones. Mr Johnson was a professional player, and played alongside Owen Farrell’s father.

So when the England fly-half carried out the gesture it was special, particularly at such a large-profile second.

The locked fingers represent the initials of Joining Jack, the charity set up by the Johnsons to fund investigation into Jack’s sickness, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

This condition, which is degenerative and terminal, affects one in 350,000 boys. In unusual cases, it can also have an effect on girls.

Jack – a slight, affectionate boy with green eyes, a passion for Lego, and a mischievous smile – was diagnosed with the condition in October 2011.

The muscle groups in his legs have previously started out to waste away. He cannot maintain up with his buddies at college, and is not allowed to use stairs for worry of damaging his fragile legs.

By the time he is eight, Jack will call for leg braces to walk. When he is twelve, he will be confined to a wheelchair. After that, the muscle tissue in the rest of his physique will also start off to degenerate, such as his heart and lungs.

At some point he will grow to be completely paralysed, and will depend on a ventilator to breathe. Sufferers rarely live beyond the age of 30. There is no recognized cure.

For Mr and Mrs Johnson, considering about the long term is extremely hard. Alternatively, they focus on the difficulties right here and now.

“Jack loves rugby, but it upsets you when all the lads run off and he is left behind,” stated Mrs Johnson, 29. “He doesn’t like to speak about things or truly feel various, but he tends to ask me queries when I’m driving him to school. He’ll ask why he cannot join in the game, or why he can not run as quick as the other boys.

“I tell him that his muscle tissue are poorly, but I try out and reinforce the reality that he’s great at other issues like Lego and drawing. But it breaks your heart.”

As if on cue, Jack pads into the space in his Superman socks, in search of Lego figures. Mr Johnson will get up to support him, and his wife goes to find him a clean shirt it is clear from this each day affection that the couple are making every single hard work to give their son a standard daily life.

“There are several new drugs in advancement that look really fascinating as achievable game changers,” explained Mr Johnson, once his son is taking part in in the subsequent room, securely out of earshot. “It’s torture to think that the cure could be out there. Joining Jack is funding 4 new drug research, and we are hoping to fund two more.

“The one day we dread is when we have to tell Jack the seriousness of his condition. I truly hope that never happens. It’s a race against the clock for us and a whole generation of other sufferers.”

At the minute, Jack is on potent steroids, which assist to slow his muscle degeneration. Over time, however, side effects will start to manifest, including osteoporosis, cataracts, excess weight-obtain, facial swelling, hair growth and bursts of anger. This creates extra stress to strive for a long term cure.

When Jack was first diagnosed, his father recalls “staring at a wall for 45 minutes”, unable to uncover a way to react.

Over the following 12 months, he was “up all evening on my telephone, studying all about the ailment, paper right after paper after paper”. Even right now, 3 years on, Mr Johnson is typically unable to focus at work – he owns a signage organization – and ends up “walking close to the office in a daze”.

Mrs Johnson, who has provided up perform to volunteer for the charity full-time, usually feels “panicked”, fearful and worn out. Both discover themselves in tears almost every single day. But for Jack’s sake, they can not give up.

Rugby is at the heart of the Johnsons’ daily life, and Wigan is a massive rugby town. Mr Johnson was a expert player for 12 many years, seven of which had been invested playing for Wigan Warriors, the neighborhood Rugby League staff. He has acknowledged Owen Farrell all his existence.

“I remember Owen as a 3-12 months-old, coming into the shifting area with a rugby ball,” he recalled. “He utilised to trip his bike previous our window on his way house from college, and I went to school with his mum, Coleen. She has turn into a genuine shoulder for Alex to cry on.”

From the really beginning, the England fly-half was deeply moved by Jack’s plight.

“[I carry out the salute] because it’s a lead to shut to my heart,” Farrell informed the Sunday Telegraph. “If the result in touches you sufficient, it gets to be portion of your considering instinctively, specifically when you can attain out to such a massive audience.

“When you recognize the lack of awareness of this kind of a situation, every person has to leap on board and do their bit.”

The Johnsons’ struggle has galvanised the rugby neighborhood into action. Wigan players at all amounts frequently complete the Joining Jack salute at games. Income has been raised by sponsored runs, skydives and cake sales, and the couple have a sound network of help. A 10km charity run that they organised in September was attended by 2,600 folks, and they are hoping for an even better turnout this 12 months.

This week, in a important improvement, a campaign supported by Joining Jack has borne fruit. On Friday, the Department of Wellness announced a new scheme to rapidly-track breakthrough medication to seriously unwell patients, cutting the length of time amongst clinical trials and widespread use to just five many years (it generally will take amongst ten and 15 many years).

Duchenne muscular dystrophy will be 1 of the very first situations to advantage from rapidly-tracked medicines.

With this obstacle lifted, the couple are redoubling their efforts to discover possibly lifesaving new medicine.

“We get a rugby-variety mindset,” stated Mr Johnson. “We set out to do a task, determine the obstacles and just get on with it. We’re striving to tackle the condition out the way, and give the charity the greatest push ever. If we can make strides more than the next couple of years, Jack’s generation of sufferers will have a hope of a normal lifestyle.”

“The prize is a enormous one,” added his wife. “But if we don’t get there, and we shed Jack, I can not envision how that would be.”

The most difficult part is realizing that day by day, Jack’s time is obtaining shorter. But, as Mrs Johnson puts it, both parents are “giving almost everything we have to this fight of all fights.”

And they have every thing to perform for.

To donate to the Joining Jack fund, check out

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