Spa Spy: The Macdonald Bath Spa

A Decleor Comforting Aromatic Facial (Mon-Thurs £72, Fri-Sun £85).

The procedure

Billed as the most regenerating massage your face will ever know. Aromatherapy oils were artfully deployed by Spy’s therapist, whose hands smoothed and softened this prematurely ageing visage.

The verdict

A facial that leaves you looking, if not feeling, as however you’ve had eight hours’ continuous sleep within living memory can’t, in Spy’s see, be advisable hugely ample.

The health-related view

Dr Max Pemberton writes: “In trials, aromatherapy has demonstrated substantial optimistic results on mood and relaxation, and this in flip can have positive aspects for the skin. It’s not clear if these advantages are relevant to the placebo effect but irrespective, it is a safe, successful and pleasurable way to deal with tension.”

The feelgood issue

Substantial. Foods and hospitality are 2nd to none and, as Jane Austen wrote of the hotel’s environs, “it would be pleasant to be near the Sydney Gardens”. Two centuries later, her overview stands.

B&ampB doubles from £176. The hotel has a spring break deal offering. For information go to kingdom or get in touch with 01225 444424

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