Statins scaremongering will price lives, expert warns

“I would feel the papers on statins are far worse in terms of the harm they have done,” he said.

Close to 7 million people take statins in Britain, a figure that could rise to 12 million underneath draft NHS tips, at present out for consultation, which will advise the vast majority of males in excess of 50 and ladies over 60 to get the drug as a precaution.

Prof Collins criticised content articles by John Abramson from Harvard healthcare college, and Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist in Britain. Each claimed statins caused hazardous side effects and did not decrease mortality.

However, the Oxford academic stated claims the side effects triggered by statins did far more harm than very good were misleading and damaging to public self-confidence.

“We have genuinely very good data from over 100,000 men and women that display that the statins are quite well tolerated. There are only a single or two nicely-documented [problematic] side results,” he explained.

A latest study by researchers at Imperial School claimed statins have nearly no side effects, with users encountering fewer adverse symptoms than if they had taken a placebo.

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