Study this Prior to Pigging Out on Dominos Pizza

So how does one particular stoop lower in standards than McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys? Prior to you dial up Domino’s for your following pizza, you require to go through this.  Regardless of whether you are a vegan, animal activist or definitely can’t dwell with no your massive juicy steaks, I’m specific we all will agree that the behavior described beneath needs to be stopped.

Other rapidly foods areas have at least had the decency to stop the practice of making use of gestation crates for their pregnant pigs but Dominos still makes it possible for them.

Pregnant pigs are stored in gestation crates for about four months of pregnancy, their piglets are taken away right after just a few weeks and then the pigs are impregnated once more and forced into gestation crates for an additional cruel cycle. This madness goes on for many years until finally the poor pigs are so worn down that her ideal use for the sector is slaughter. Firms like Domino’s should not tolerate this and customers need to not buy the solution of such horrific struggling.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, the largest carnivore on the planet or someplace in between, please join us in asking Domino’s to do the proper point and quit employing these cruel gestation crates.

McDonald’s even explained it “believes gestation stalls are not a sustainable manufacturing program for the potential,” and that there “are options that are far better for the welfare of sows.”

If all these massive organizations can commit to receiving rid of gestation crates, why is Domino’s unwilling to pay attention to the rest of the market and buyer demand? Will ham, sausage, and pepperoni taste any various without having this intense cruelty? I doubt it!

Please help stop this cruelty and signal the petition at to cease Domino’s today.

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