Sweet and sour information for Britain’s drinkers

If all the recent scare stories about sugar in foods drove you to drink, it turns out that it wasn’t always the very best location to go. Research performed for The Sunday Telegraph reveals that a single pint of cider contains as a lot sugar as the Globe Health Organisation recommends ought to be an individual’s day-to-day restrict. Scrumpy, it appears, is very best averted if you are on a diet program. Worryingly substantial quantities of the sweet stuff have been also discovered in Baileys Irish Cream and sherry, although, admittedly, those are drinks that have a tendency to be constrained to a single glass: rarely does anybody commit a evening in the cells for public disruption triggered by binge-consuming sherry.

And there is some good news. Our examine discovered substantially lower quantities of sugar in beer, wine and – very best of all – champagne. In fact, Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist and science director of the campaign group Action on Sugar, tells us that “a moderate volume of red wine, which is comparatively low in sugar, might in fact protect towards cardiovascular disease”. He adds: “And this is my drink of selection.” So if you are concerned about your weight and nevertheless fancy a tipple, red wine is a very good selection. Rumour has it, the Prime Minister is a large fan, as well, and is considered to “chillax” on a Sunday afternoon with three or four glasses. Bottoms up, Mr Cameron!

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