Teenage girls who are obese do a grade worse at college, research finds

In English, maths and science, obese women acquired benefits that have been decrease by an amount equivalent to a D instead of a C, which was the regular in the sample.

Josie Booth, from Dundee University’s college of psychology, said: ”There is a clear pattern which shows that ladies who are in the obese range are performing far more poorly than their counterparts in the wholesome bodyweight variety all through their teenage years.”

Professor John Reilly, the lead investigator from Strathclyde University, said: ”Further work is essential to understand why obesity is negatively relevant to academic attainment, but it is clear that youngsters, dad and mom and policy-makers in education and public wellness should be conscious of the lifelong educational and financial effect of obesity.”

The researchers mentioned they took into account potentially distorting factors, such as poorer background, IQ and the age the women started menstruating, but found they did not affect the general outcomes.

The review published in the Global Journal Of Obesity was funded by a Bupa Foundation grant to Strathclyde University.

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