The Healing Electrical power of Artwork

I’ve constantly been fascinated by the inner workings of the human thoughts and the deep connection of arts capability to stir one thing inside our quite getting.  If you have ever attended an art exhibit of any variety and had that sense of being drawn in by a particular piece until you felt as if you had been encountering a unusual connection with the art and/or artist due to the fact of the emotions evoked by just gazing upon their operate.

I was really intrigued by this press release and imagined I’d pass it along to you as well:

Think about a book that opens a window on a hidden world that is the crucial to what is beyond what we see and know. An Invisible Globe unveiled in front of your personal eyes. Now think about a guide with astonishing pictures in 3 various wavelengths and light frequencies that illuminate your soul and generate instantaneous uplifting healing results. Lastly, imagine a guide that you can open to any web page, and see the exact appropriate message for you at that moment to offer guidance and wisdom.

 The Artwork of HealingArt carries forth the authors lifelong mission to reveal the hidden language of the Universe which conveys understanding, wisdom and healing tools for these seeking a way to get past their three-dimensional struggling, anxiousness and limitations…and to reside lifestyle in complete spectrum!

 Says Jacqueline Ripstein, “Only those that see the Invisible, can do the Extremely hard!”

 The Invisible Art &amp Light Technique© (very first patented in 1986) embodies new types of expressions that undertaking photographs and increased vibrations of the dimensions past our physical existence–and all that exists in higher planes–into our bodily reality. The colour vibrations in the book connect to the human power system, raising the frequency in the viewer and healing wounds recognized and unknown. The book is so strong that folks who see the special patented paintings designed utilizing her Invisible Art &amp Light ApproachÓ or even just hold the book in their hands– demonstrate measurable transformation, according to foremost scientists.

 “Meridian Anxiety Evaluation is the process of testing points on the entire body, measuring the stress patterns on a single hand of men and women. Following taking the baseline readings with our topics, we then had each man or woman commit time viewing your art. After which we repeated the test on the identical hand. The outcomes had been extraordinary. You artwork has a most definite calming, balancing and healing impact,” notes Dr.  Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, Digital Well being, Biomeridian. 

 Ripstein’s acclaimed artwork provides 3 photographs of the exact same master artwork that are ostensibly the exact same, but every one particular seems radically different—one in all-natural or “normal” light, one particular observed under black light and the third view which combines the two spectrums. Looking at every single a single, inside of seconds, the “inspiration factor” ignites the viewer’s soul connection,  providing a distinctively uplifting knowledge, guiding the viewer to revelations that are life-transforming.

 But it’s the Wow Issue that will take the reader by storm…an quick visceral response to the images and the words.  Notes Ripstein: “When the viewer is in front of my artwork there is a second of INSPIRATION, an effect, as the vitality and higher octave vibrations are instantly transmitted to his inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going past the barriers of the mind. With out realizing it, the viewer’s or reader’s right brain activates, opening an entry portal to the soul’s invisible dimensions. Every single of my paintings acts as a mirror that reflects our souls and the true Inner Light reality within every of us.”

 The Artwork of HealingArt: The Keys to Energy and Awareness, a unique transformational guide that is an astonishing work on numerous levels—a device for healing lives, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden planet and messages all around us, an oracle, a educating tool of profound spiritual messages and a stunning function of artwork. The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and considered-provoking, providing clues to private metamorphosis. In the course of these shifting instances, this distinctive guide gets an crucial instrument to support find out one’s inner power and awareness, as we each put together physically, emotionally and spiritually to deal with a New Era, an Awakening Humanity Arising.

 The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness is offered at 


Fantastic resource:

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Concept and Practice


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