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The Guyliner has been blogging anonymously about dating and relationships considering that 2010 and is also a columnist in Gay Instances magazine.

Why hasn’t he referred to as?

Quick answer: who understands? You undoubtedly never, and almost certainly in no way will, so you are wasting useful energy and headspace when you could just move on. It truly is easy to blame yourself, but dates involve two individuals it’s pointless trying to 2nd-guess what was going on in your date’s head while you downed countless bellinis. Maybe he’s nevertheless hung up on his ex. Perhaps he is only going on a date to get out of the home – some see dating as a social activity rather than a gateway drug to eternal happiness. Don’t dwell you’ll drive yourself mad. If you need closure, why wait for him to call you? Send a text and jog factors along yourself.

I have been on hundreds of first dates. Why do I in no way meet the right man or woman?

Most on the internet daters have an thought in their heads about the variety of particular person they want, rejecting people who don’t flawlessly match their typically narrow criteria. But there actually isn’t a science to this. Males who seem excellent on paper do not always measure up in the flesh ticking boxes is not every little thing. Widen your net, taste the unfamiliar, kiss some frogs en route to your prince. You’re dating, not driving a lorry – you can afford to be reckless. Consider possibilities. A opportunity night out with a “possibly” will constantly end much less disappointingly than a colon-twisting, excruciating two hours with the one particular you mistakenly considered was the man of your dreams.

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Is it Okay to sleep with a person on a 1st date?

This idea that sex is the reward for sitting through three or four very chaste dates is not only nonsense, it’s also standing in the way of you having intercourse. There are no principles. Nobody worth getting with would slate you for going property with them, if that is what you both want to do. If you really feel a connection and want to have sex with someone on the very first date, what’s to stop you? As extended as you’re performing what feels correct for you and are underneath no illusions that the intimacy may possibly be far more than short-term, just go for it. Sometimes, when you know, you know. You only have yourself to solution to. Allow the other individuals judge you are the one particular obtaining some, not them.

Dr Meg Barker is the writer of the Rewriting the Principles guide and weblog on substitute partnership designs. She is a sex and partnership therapist and a senior lecturer in psychology at the Open University.

What types of romantic relationship are the most successful?

I compose a whole lot about diverse achievable ways of undertaking relationships: monogamous, monogamish and openly non-monogamous relationships residing apart together and extended-distance relationships sexual and non-sexual relationships. Anything I’m typically asked is whether a certain form of relationship can be effective. My query back is constantly: “What do you indicate by successful?” It generally turns out that people imply longevity. Whilst research have identified that all these varieties of relationships can last more than time, I question whether or not that is the very best measure of partnership “success”. Maybe that is anything else that is worth contemplating about.

Will items get less complicated if I change how I strategy relationships?

When people contemplate a various type of romantic relationship – this kind of as an open connection or polyamory – they often envision that it will remedy all of the troubles they are presently obtaining. I have called this the “poly grail” (even though it transpires with all varieties of relationships). Sadly, the response is that any different way of undertaking relationships has its very own difficulties. It truly is challenging to be in monogamous, it is difficult to be single, and it really is tough to be non-monogamous (regardless of whether you do that openly, or secretly in the form of affairs). It truly is well worth finding a variety of relationship that performs for you, but it’s far too much stress to assume to find the “one true way” of performing relationships, just as it truly is as well significantly stress to expect to discover “the one” spouse who will fulfil all your demands.

How do I go about finding the type of partnership that works for me?

Alternatively of searching for the perfect romantic relationship, it truly is helpful to figure out what is essential to us, and to communicate that. For example, where do you stand amongst wanting just one very close person in your daily life and wanting plenty of friends or partners who are equally close? What about amongst sexual exclusivity and having many sexual encounters (on-line or offline)? Is it important to have a clear, agreed contract for how you do relationships, or for every person to be free to make their own choices? Do you like to be personal or are you keen to share every little thing with partners? Communication will not resolve all the variations we have in relationships, but it undoubtedly helps to be open about such issues from the commence and to accept that folks can truly feel quite in a different way about them.

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How do I get more than him?

Gradually. It is not a linear method you may truly feel better nowadays than you did yesterday, but tomorrow could be A Bad Day, and which is all proper. You are not failing because you are “off schedule” with the grieving approach of ending a romantic relationship. Date yourself for a although as an alternative. Place on your brightest lipstick and head on out to interact with the planet – even when you don’t feel like it. Which is when you require it most. Know that at times the most courageous point you can do is proceed to place a single foot in front of the other, day following day, until you hurt a tiny significantly less. You are going to get there. I did.

How can I deal with the pressure from my parents to give them grandkids?

My favourite way to handle this is to say, merely and without guilt: “I’m nevertheless turning into the mom I need to have to be for my unborn children.” I am rather zero tolerance with my very own parents on the matter: it really is outstanding how awful an off-hand comment about next door’s new grandson can make us really feel. Don’t give in to it. We’re all carrying out the greatest we can, and if feedback about ticking clocks get too much you can also try out: “You’re hurting my feelings.” Most mums shut up sharpish then. This also operates with frenemies and snarky colleagues, on an array of offensive topics.

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The intercourse we’re obtaining is crap, but I really like him. How can I make it greater?

This is way much more common that you might consider. What not to do is shag someone else to get your rocks off. I’m an advocate of exploring what performs rather than lingering on what doesn’t: the greater something feels, the far more I would emphasise it to my spouse. For illustration, “I love it when you touch me there”, is the sort of positive reinforcement that indicates you will, certainly, get touched there yet again. Operating through undesirable sex is a process, so it really is essential that you the two really feel risk-free and unthreatened. The largest turn-off imaginable is hearing: “You are rubbish at this.” But telling your partner that you want to make them come to feel great, and how they can make you come to feel excellent, opens up an truthful, organic dialogue about satisfying each other’s wants without upset. Added bonus? Talking about sex is fantastic foreplay.

Justin Hancock is a intercourse educator functioning with young men and women above 14. He blogs at

How can I have sex and it not hurt?

Sadly, I deal with this sort of query a lot. 1 of the factors for this is the myths that poor intercourse schooling feeds: “Initial-time intercourse often hurts so just do it anyway” “If you locate the right person, it will all be fine” or “Sex = penetration”. I request the youthful people I work with to consider about what type of intercourse they truly want rather than what they feel they must have (if any). I talk about negotiation and consent with practical suggestions (as properly as acknowledging the barriers). I also teach them some simple anatomical info about arousal, for instance how the vagina stretches deep inside, how essential lubrication is (for all varieties of sex) and how erections function (for the penis and clitoris).

We had mutual masturbation and we’re worried about pregnancy

There is a lack of nuance when it comes to teaching about fertility which indicates that numerous youthful men and women be concerned about pregnancy risks even when there are up coming to none. So I often get emails from panicking younger couples who worry that some critically magic sperm might have received by way of someone’s underwear or that pre-ejaculatory fluid discovered its way on to someone’s thigh. If a person ejaculated semen on to their hand which they quickly place inside their partner’s vagina then there could be a threat of pregnancy (smaller than that for penis-in-vagina intercourse), but other than that the risks are virtually none. However, this typically does not cease young folks worrying about it. This might be due to added standard anxieties or the absence of any person to speak to about sex in actual daily life.

Is my penis/vulva typical?

Questions about genitals are frequent and they usually relate to their look rather than perform, notably penis and labia size. Usually youthful men and women are comparing themselves with what they see in porn (which is typically more varied than individuals give it credit for), and this can lead to nervousness that their genitals don’t look “standard”. Nevertheless youthful people don’t truly get to see other “genuine-life” genitals, so they have tiny to evaluate with. I make clear that even though there are typical sizes and shapes, there is also a broad selection. I focus a lot more on the perform of genitals and how they come to feel. Challenging the thought of “normal” and also pointing out how comparable the penis and clitoris are can be valuable. And it’s a lot more inclusive for men and women with DSD (disorder of sex development).

Last evening, I drunkenly did one thing shockingly out of character, perhaps one thing involving up to three sailors. It was sizzling, but should I inform my boyfriend?

In this mixed-up world, the place sizzling sailors and cocktails coexist, there are sometimes instances in which caution is thrown to the wind in favour of a brilliant attractive time. Sadly, when the hangovers lift and the sailors have returned to the SS Gaultier, you are left thinking about Graham, your pleasant boyfriend, who may not be amazing with this. You might also have to deal with the situation that your existing romantic relationship may well not be as fulfilling for you as you would like it to be.

If you are concerned about gnawing guilt, then honesty is most likely ideal, and you will just have to deal with the consequences. Without a doubt, Graham may be interested in opening up the relationship, resulting in a sexual voyage of discovery for you both. Or he may chuck you. Either way, be delicate to the idea that it could get him a while to process, and steer clear of buying any foods featuring Captain Birdseye on the packet in the meantime.

I am a financially independent, self-actualised girl with a winning smile. Why do guys maintain sending me pictures of their penis on dating sites?

It is not you. It really is not. Because the dawn of time, men have been consumed by the want to show their virility. Present me a prehistoric cave with no a crude painting of a knob, and I’ll show you a Kardashian with a sense of self-awareness. It is a primal urge, then, but luckily most guys are evolved sufficient to preserve it in their pants at least prolonged ample to shake your hand first.

Of course, there are even now some neanderthals around, and if you discover your self on the receiving finish of an unsolicited cock pic on a dating website, then will not engage, just report and then block the consumer. It truly is also sensible to hold yourself protected normally on dating web sites use a pseudonym and don’t give out any details on a public profile that’s also distinct. And guys, except if your penis by some means resembles Ryan Gosling’s encounter, I can ensure no woman desires to see it unsolicited. End it. Truly.

I really like this lady at operate, but I’m not very sure how to broach the subject. She constantly appears interested when I speak to her, but I have heard she has a boyfriend. Need to I send her a image of my penis?

Firstly, no, you ought to definitely not send her a picture of your penis, as that would undoubtedly constitute sexual harassment in the workplace, plus it’s creepy and weird and just … no (see over). But if you genuinely like this woman, then the only factor you can really do is screw your courage to the sticking level and ask her if she would like to go for a coffee. Or a drink. Or combine the two with an espresso martini.

But think about it meticulously ahead of you do – there is a strong opportunity your feelings won’t be reciprocated (specifically if she does, certainly, have a boyfriend), and you will probably have to see her on a every day basis afterwards. Basically, you have to ask yourself: “Am I prepared to hide under my desk each and every time she goes to use the photocopier?” If the answer is yes, then go for it, my good friend.

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