The Surprising Connection Amongst Enjoying Video Video games And A Thicker Brain

For all the unfavorable news about the alleged downsides of taking part in video video games, it is always surprising to come across investigation that shows a probably large upside. A new examine fills the bill by showing that heavy video game perform is related with better “cortical thickness” – a neuroscience term that means higher density in certain brain locations.

Researchers studied the brains of 152 adolescents, each male and female, who averaged about 12.6 hours of video gaming a week. As one particular may possibly guess, the males, on typical, played far more than the females, but all of the participants invested a significant volume of time with a gaming console. The research team wished to know if much more time invested gaming correlated with differences in participants’ brains.

What they located is that the brains of adolescents that invested the most time enjoying video video games showed higher cortical thickness in two brain places: the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) and the left frontal eye area (FEF).

The prefrontal cortex is frequently referred to as our brain’s command and manage center. It is exactly where increased order contemplating will take place, like determination-producing and self-handle.  Pervious research has proven that the DLPFC plays a large component in how we process complex selections, notably those that involve weighing choices that contain achieving brief-phrase objectives with prolonged-term implications. It is also exactly where we make use of our brain’s working memory sources – the information we hold “top of mind” for fast access when generating a choice.

The FEF is a brain spot central to how we procedure visual-motor information and make judgments about how to take care of external stimuli. It is also crucial in choice-creating due to the fact it enables us to efficiently figure out what type of reaction ideal fits what’s happening around us. The term “hand-eye coordination” is component of this procedure.

Collectively, the DLPFC and FEF are crucial gamers in our brain’s executive determination-producing system. Greater “thickness” in these brain places (in other phrases, a lot more connections amongst brain cells) signifies a better capability to juggle a number of variables, no matter whether those variables have immediate or prolonged-phrase implications, or each.

Whilst this review doesn’t quite demonstrate that playing hrs of movies games every single week brings about these brain locations to increase thicker, the correlation is robust – robust enough to consider the chance that gaming is type of like bodyweight lifting for the brain.

And that, even far more than the video-game connection, is what makes this review genuinely exciting. It suggests that the well-known terms “brain training” and “brain fitness” are more than advertising ploys to sell specialized software program. If it’s true that enjoying video video games is not not like exercising that beefs up our brain’s choice-producing brawn, then it logically follows that we can not only perceptually, but physically improve our brains with practices developed for the goal. Long term investigation will continue exploring exactly that chance.

The research was published in the on the web journal PLoS 1.

You can find David DiSalvo on Twitter @neuronarrative and at his site, The Every day Brain. His most current book is Brain Changer: How Harnessing Your Brain’s Power To Adapt Can Adjust Your Life.

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