Tough guys can diet plan, also – or at least I hope so

Dolce has agreed to oversee my weight-reduction programme. Six foot tall and weighing 210lb (15 stone), I’m aiming to lose 30lb (two stone) in twelve weeks. At 48, I’m up towards not a champion fighter, but a normal journalist’s way of life, such as continual travel and poor consuming habits.

So far, I’ve followed Dolce’s guidelines to the letter: all the “normal” food has been cleared from the fridge and kitchen cupboards, to be stored in boxes or provided away. Fortunately there are no loved ones meals to be concerned about: the two my daughters are at university and my wife Andrea, a qualified yoga instructor, is joining me on the diet plan.

Armed with a 137-web page guide, a buying list, recipes and 12 DVDs, I’m ready to tackle the Dolce regime. I’ll be committing to an hour of intense plyometric physical exercise – in which muscle tissue exert optimum force in as short a time as feasible – which signifies that, each and every day, I’ll be attacking thin air with my fists, knees and feet, and lifting light weights while undertaking so.

I am permitted four meals and two snacks daily. But there is no worries about calorie counting – as prolonged as I stick to the recipes in Dolce’s guide.

On the menu are meals such as almond milk (lactose and cholesterol-cost-free), organic agave nectar, chickpeas, broccoli, quinoa, buckwheat, tofu and wild salmon individuals far more associated with high-end diet regime mags than battle culture. Andrea is delighted: there are oats and berry smoothies for breakfast, dates and pecans for a mid-morning snack, Waldorf “warrior” salad and a skinny “sumo” stir-fry for dinner.

Like a fighter pursuing the world title belt, the accomplishment of this experiment could come down to how significantly I want this. I’ll be travelling to fights for five of the next 12 weeks, so the actual check will be sticking to the Dolce program although on the move.

The guy himself is encouraging. “There’s no reward without having the discomfort,” he tells me. But, he promises that the programme, if I stick to it, will transform me into “the particular person you deserve to be”.

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