Two-year-old saves mother’s life by dialling 999

A two-year-old boy has saved his mother’s life by managing to call 999 when she collapsed, telling operators: “Mummy’s on the floor.”

Paramedics rushed to their home in Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire where they discovered his mother Dana Henry, who had collapsed due to a dangerous blood clot after waking up with stomach pains.

At 11.31am, Riley rang 999 and said: “Mummy’s asleep,” after which the call was passed to the ambulance service who managed to trace the address. He repeatedly said ‘hello’ and kept operators on the line, trying to explain that his mum was on the floor.

Dana said: “I am so proud of Riley. He is mummy’s little hero. I have told so many of my friends and family about what he did. My friends who have young children are so amazed, and are making sure their children would know what to do.”

Dana said she and partner, Rob Ward, 30, had always drilled it into Riley and his sister, Caitlin, five, that they should ring 999 if ever they could not wake either of them.

Source Caters News Agency

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