Young children are currently being ‘bombarded’ by junk food ads, study has found

Boy Eating Cheeseburger

Campaigners want a ban on junk meals ads to be extended to the whole broadcast output shown ahead of the 9pm watershed. Photograph: Jean Michel Foujols/Corbis

Children are getting “bombarded” with as a lot of as eleven advertisements for junk meals during an hour’s viewing of family-orientated television shows this kind of as X-Factor, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks, study has located.

Campaigners are calling for the ban on the marketing of items higher in sugar, salt or unwanted fat – which at the moment only applies in the course of children’s programmes – to be extended to the whole broadcast output shown before the 9pm watershed. An alliance of organisations, Action on Junk Food Marketing, is urging ministers to near what it calls “a glaring loophole in junk meals advertising and marketing”.

The findings stem from an analysis of 784 adverts on well-liked ITV and Channel four displays throughout 20.75 hours of programming amongst October and December 2013 by Rosa Whalen and Emma Boyland of Liverpool University’s psychological sciences department. KFC, Lindt, Haribo, Coca-Cola and Cadbury, as well as the Aldi and Morrisons supermarket chains, have been amongst the manufacturers marketing their products.

“Parents will not assume their children to be bombarded with advertisements for unhealthy meals during primetime tv, but which is specifically what transpires,” explained Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the British Heart Basis.

A government spokesman said the principles had been becoming kept below overview and it recognised the calls for improved restrictions on junk foods promoting.

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